Nasty Meat Head Mom

January 3, 2013 Denver 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this woman is completely destroying her own life,her name is Paige Malys , she has a thing for sleeping with people ….lots of people, mainly people that do hard drugs.the sad part about it is that she has children that reeally deserve a mother but instead their poor cock sucking meth head mom is out bbeing a home wrecker and involving herself with people that really dont need her kinda shit in thier life. apparently her hobbies involve child neglet, drugs(any drugs…like bitch will huff sharpie if thats all shes had ) , sell her body not to feed her children but to support her own drug habbit that really isnt worth anyones time, ohhhh and btw her sister who is like her “best friend”….shes sleeping with her long time boyfriend. her own fucking sister, that does everything for her. homewrecker? im sure…. Nasty? im…. sure….. stds… H** POSITIVE LOL. watch out denver …

She looks like a thumb.  Just saying.- nik