The Infamous ITG Is Not That Great

January 9, 2013 St. Louis, The Dirty 941

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a huge fan of the site but there’s one glaring issue on here that continues to bother me. The ITG debate. I’m not sure why you and all your followers put so much on the ITG, especially since it raises a lot of conflicting issues. I’ve seen you call numerous woman out on what you call “birthing hips” or wide set hips, calling them gross and unattractive. Yet these are usually the ONLY women who can achieve the ITG or your “benchmark standard” for hotness. Slender hips = Thighs touching. Come on Nik, you’re a smart guy. Tell me you’ve figured this bit out. You’ve got a hottie in her prime with wide-set hips, slim thighs and an ITG. Give her five years off the market or ONE pregnancy and she balloons up and suddenly her thighs touch and she’s got those ghastly birthing hips you hate so much. Why is the ITG so important to you? It serves no sexual purpose. It’s literally the only thing about your taste that makes no sense to me. Big t*ts? I get it. Blondes? Totally understand. Slender? No sh*t. No Asians or tattoos? Everyone has their turns offs. But I genuinely don’t understand the whole ITG mess.

When you look at a woman with ITG it is sexually stimulating because her legs are constantly open demanding penetration. I don’t want to see blockers or walls of lard. I want a constant open invite to the party. FYI- it has nothing to do with bone structure and everything to do with body fat.- nik