Butler Biggest Trash Talker

March 7, 2013 j3, Pittsburgh 563

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik There is a facebook page called Butler Trash (used to be BCPOT – meaning butler county pieces of trash)in Pennsylvania. The person I know well is the owner, Justin Castilyn. He trashes people who have made bad choices in drugs,using welfare, abuse of women and children, child molestation and puts a little bit of truth and makes it 10x’s worse by adding things that aren’t true or just making up the entire post on someone. It is worse when he has been on welfare not working at all, mooching off others, charged with rape and sexual assault etc for a minor under 13 ( check pa docket sheets), fraud, burglary, fake money orders, you can check google for that. He is constanly harrassing a married woman who made a bad choice and her husband is in the army when he slept with that woman and got her pregnant. He is no better than the “Butler Trash” he posts. Constant bullying and puts fake profiles of people he is harrassing.

 Hypocrite.- nik