Noah Auspitz Was Arman Izadi’s Biggest Client Supplier To Hire Escorts

May 6, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty 116

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since you’re not going to release the list of Armani’s clients and what escorts he worked with let us help you with the inside of Armani’s operation. Word is on the street from credible sources that Noah Auspitz (Yes, the same guy you published that was in gay porn when he was younger) sent Armani his high roller clients to receive services from his prostitutes and made Armani an estimated $40k-50k a month. Noah was Armani’s biggest 3rd party supplier. I bet that’s not recorded for tax purposes. Noah in return received 50% of what Armani made after taking 50% of what the girl made. Does Noah have receipts of this to file for taxes? I bet not.

Looks like someone might be getting back into gay porn soon (to pay bills of course).- nik