Gretchen Rossi Is Going Down

July 19, 2013 Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 183 92,181 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it looks like karma is finally catching up with OC’s biggest horseface AND scam artist, Gretchen Rossi. A few years ago, you broke the story that Gretch lied about “owning” her own make up company and in fact, Gretch was sitting behind her computer ordering pre-made make up from Lady Burd Cosmetics, and re-selling them to her fans as HER OWN PRODUCTS. Even Gretchen’s website, is just one giant copy & paste job from Lady Burd’s website!!! Well, it looks like Lady Burd has had enough of Gretchen and Slave and they are refusing to sell her any more make up or skin care products. It looks as though Lady Burd found out that all profits from Gretchen Christine BOOtay are being filtered thru Slave Slimey’s accounts and he is not reporting the money to the mother of his dying son. How these 2 can even THINK about having a child together is SICK. Why does Bravo continue to pay these 2 criminals?? I don’t understand it. Also, Gretch is looking more horsey than ever, don’t you think? She has definitely jacked up her face. I hope these 2 go down!

Gretchen Rossi is a Liar Face.- nik