Canadian Girls Please Stop With The Butt Injections

August 23, 2013 none, The Dirty, Toronto 107



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so pissed that BMD took down this video on IG she posted with her ugly friend and both of them shaking their asses.  It is very disgusting if you saw it, you can tell all the areas that are just full of injections and it truly looks like there is cellulite everywhere. I couldn’t stop laughing and almost wanted to puke at the same time because both of them thought they were so damn sexy… NOT.  She posted this other video, where you can see her butt shaking and as you can see her friend looks like a whale in the water. The sad part is BMD wants to be on The Dirty.

I love how these girls cannot hide the cellulite on video.- nik