Letter From A Cast Member Of Steve Ward’s VH1 “Tough Love”

August 28, 2013 Hollywood, Philadelphia, The Dirty 67

EMAIL From VH1 “Tough Love” Cast Member: Nik, I was one of the cast members on a past season of tough love…  While filming I knew Steve have a (much) younger girlfriend…  So young she was barely legal. Rumors began flying around from some of the crew that Steve would cheat on her regularly with members of the production staff. Steve tried to portray while on camera that he wanted to help us but in reality most of our dates were from casting agencies and actually had girlfriends…  They were only going on the dates for the little pay and little bit of exposure. Steve would also try to hook his guy friends up. He, nor his mom EVER cared to see anyone find a healthy relationship. When cameras were off Steve wouldn’t even look in our direction or give us a quick smile to assure us he was there for us. I immediately read him as a narcissistic prick with a sh*tty lisp and Oedipus complex. The staff psychiatrist had mentioned to me at one point that he thought Steve’s issue with me was that he was attracted to females like me….  The stripper type.  Well…  Guess I now have confirmation that was true.  Over the years I’ve heard stories from girls that have met him about his love for Molly and partying…  He actually used to party in vegas quite a bit with one of the girls from my season and she confirmed he loved to party. I was also approached by a girl that had gone on a date with him and he took her to a strip club where he ended up leaving her to take a stripper home.  Steve is a HUGE fraud and I think the producers of tough love know it…  They should all be ashamed of themselves.  I had begged for a reunion numerous times but was denied…  I believe it is because they knew I’d expose him for the pervert he really is. Everything he yells at his cast members for he is personally guilty of.  He’s been throwing stones in the tough love glass house for years.

Steve Ward blew off his appearance on Love Line last night. The coward is still in hiding.- nik