Bruce Amoroso

September 6, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 113 8,547 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies have you been offered an amazing photo package to help your portfolio and the only cost to you is your time? Have you been denied your photos when trying to pick them up and been told “you owe me 40 dollars” If so then you have been photographed with BRUCE AMOROSO famous for the fake clothing line “modiroso” where he tried to get my little sister dana to pose for his “clothing line” in her own personal clothing and he would make edits later. This photoshop genius not only photoshops muscles by widening his arms in photos but also will threaten to put your “glamour shots” online for all to see at “Traveling Freelance High Fashion & Glamour Photographer.” When he isnt busy to jerking off to pictures of us, he’ll be jerking off to pictures of us. He talk you into getting that top off 84th picture in for “appearing nude” but not actually being nude? Yeah that is the only way he got me to take my top off plus he was so annoying and I really want to make it in modeling. Bruce you wanted your fame here it is. Ps this is his youtube movie of “behind the scenes” As you can see he isn’t professional nor is his list of credentials they are all faked with what else PHOTOSHOP ladies/girls/ parents with young aspiring models beware. Pedophile. Thief. F*ggot. Are just some of the names i tossed at him 3 weeks ago and threatened I would post on here he told me to go ahead that I was a nobody and nobody would care what i have to say… he claims he can get you discovered!!! please i just discovered he is a fraud! im shocked he is not on here already

$40 must be the fully clothed price.- nik