Daniel Jones, Under the Sheets

October 28, 2013 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 2 8,220 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Daniel Jones many of u guys might know as their sheet sweater. be careful girls, he likes to make his presence known in Raleigh as the wrestler from high school and get with as many girls as he can. only when its noticed by others to cover up the fact that he is actually gay. As his ex gf (regret to mention) for 3 years i started suspecting things like the fact his supposed “best friend” Dustin Ramsey wasn’t all that. They were actually best friending each other under the covers when i thought they were having a guys night. i know cause i was lucky enough to walk in on it. He also has a itty bitty get the point. Be warned

Pretty sure he’s wearing a ladies shirt.- nik