More Drama for Ashley Kompare

October 24, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 3 7,508 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Since the original Ashley Kompare post it has been chaos for her and all the people she has slept with that now know about her, you know. Lucas, Larry the sugar daddy, Teri, Derrick and others have all caught wind that she is sleeping with all of them at the same time without telling anyone about her disease and the sheer volume of views from The Dirty has put everyone on high alert about her status. She continues to prey on the wallets of her customers at the strip club and restaurant but her looks and time is running out now that her family know about her Pepsi addiction and side jobs. With all that being said and the truth hitting the air what could possibly be left for Ashley?

Looks good in the bottom pic, must be one of her profiles…- nik

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