Mooch Greg

November 26, 2013 Victoria 55 6,597 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this f***in loser is isaac gregory i Went 2 school with him n use to go to his house almost everyday to smoke up at lunch dunno how the idiot gradded i think he has a couple xtra chromosomes if you no what i mean lol. He lives with his dad n got fired from his job at a pharmacy for stealin pills so he doesnt work. he steals n mooches off everyone around him to an treats all his socalled “friends” like SH*T even tho there only around him cuz he has weed. herd last month he mooched a buncha money off his sick ex gf whos on chemo. who does that? this f**Kin goof thats who. shame cuz She seemed nice for how shitty he treated her. he also owes alot of money to the dealers still dumb enough to front him. word of advice to anyone in vic stay away from this lowlife scum…

That seems like a waster.- nik