Watch Out Guys Revision

November 18, 2013 Fort Myers, South Florida, Tampa 39 9,455 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi there, Southwest Florida and the Dirty Army, I am the REAL Alexandra Drouhard. While I typically do not see myself inserted in the subject lines of sensationalistic journalism, I do think that this particular piece momentarily deserves my undivided attention. Confucius once said: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” Sensationalism and bullying tend to go hand in hand in today’s society. Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that is immensely difficult to punish by law for myriad reasons, and sadly, cyber-bullying can lead to suicides, lowered self-esteem of its victims, and can actually even affect a victim’s ability to he hired by many reputable companies that wish for their company’s ambassadors to ensconce an aura of morality and wholesomeness. It would be very simple of a task for me to call upon law enforcement if an intruder broke into my home, however, when an intruder anonymously posts erroneous information about me on a site such as this, my only respectable and realistic option is to shrug my shoulders and be myself. I work hard. Need proof? My tax paperwork, clients, and family could tell you about that. I’m not the kind of woman who goes to work from nine to five- I am actually the kind of woman who stays up late finishing client emails, who voluntarily works on a day off, who makes organic, home-cooked meals for my child and gives him the best emotional and educational advantages, despite being a single parent, and who has a success-oriented attitude in all aspects of life. It is my goal to drive positivity, compassion, and understanding into my actions. I want the person sitting next me to be more successful that I am. Why? Because that is what success is all about: Driving one another to be better. Creating interdependent networks and exuding wisdom. And finally, to the author of “Watch out guys” and the “My Baby Mama is a Hoe” website that have been intended to attack my character: I wish you the power to gain knowledge about what you do not understand. I wish you the compassion and the emotional intelligence to sense when you can make a difference in someone’s life and in the world. Most of all, however, I wish for you the gift of selflessness and the drive to help others. Gaining a broader sense of the world and utilizing your innate skills could change your life for the best. As always: Dress Elegantly, Speak Eloquently, and Always strive to help the person sitting next to you. For healthy lifestyle tips, please also check out my blog: [removed[. Best Regards Nik and Viewers,

Feel better?- nik

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