Another Laguna Niguel Cougar

December 27, 2013 Cougars, Newport, The Dirty 25 94,438 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Tiffany is still on the prowl with or without boyfriend everynight in bars of Laguna Niguel and Newport Beach. She’s two time coke rehab, with that fat body and ugly face claims she has money, yet she has practically been begging the entire OC for gifts, a flight, accommodations in exchange for blow jobs.  She loves to swing with old crusty men. Basically, no one wants any part of her in their establishment.  Nik, I’m getting really sick and tired of these fat cougars thinking they run sh*t and are the best.  Ever heard of something called being real and being down to earth and be nice to guys and girls in town?  Quit being air headed and fake and a lot more people will respect you. Talking behind your friends backs and throwing dirt on people you associate ever work for?  It’s called respect, even if someone has it tattooed on them doesn’t mean they know what it is. Give your head a shake, you buy your followers LOL. And you call yourself professional LOL, professional fake b*tch maybe.

Tiffany you should try R+D Kitchen in Fashion Island. Easy scores at that place.- nik