Chad Nutsch Is A Rich Pig

December 22, 2013 NC State, Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 145 98,512 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chad Nutsch aka the biggest douche bag in North Carolina. This idiot started making t-shirts that said “Lake Life” and now all of a sudden he’s an entrepreneur and CEO equivalent to Donald Trump, and don’t you dare try to tell him different. He does nothing but brag and talk about his business to the point of extreme obnoxiousness, mainly because he’s too dumb and boring to find anything interesting to talk about, but also because he wants everyone around him to know how great he is at all times. He treats everyone like they are peasants… a girl threw up in his car and he actually paid a guy to eat the puke while he taped it, then put the video up on his facebook like us normal people wanted to see it. What kind of person does something like that??? A true asshole, that’s who! But the most disgusting thing about him is the way he treats women. He thinks that it’s okay to throw one dollar bills on any and every girl like they’re strippers, and he is just a complete pig. He offered to give a friend of mine a ride home from a party because she was really drunk, then once she was in his car, he told her that if she wanted to get home she had to get naked and give him head while he was driving. When she refused, he actually PULLED THE TRUCK OVER AND PUT HER OUT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! She had to walk in the dark until she saw a road sign and called someone to come get her. This dirtbag needs to be put on blast so every girl in Raleigh will know to stay far far away or you will regret it, not only because he will treat you like sh*t, but also because if you sleep with him, he’ll leave you with a little gift that keeps on giving (Hint: it starts with a HER and ends with a PEE). You’ve been warned!

We call it DRD… there is no HER or PEE in our world.- nik