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December 24, 2013 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 111 96,370 Views


Not just another Celebrity Blog…

So I’m starting a new website called TabRag. It’s mainly for b*tches who love gossip (females convert to $$ signs). I started it last Tuesday and it’s already serious (which sucks), considering I was drunk and wondering why there wasn’t a centralized website for all tabloid magazine garbage that I liked. I’m not even close to conception but you get the idea. My view of the celeb world we all hate.- nik

Check it:

**Oh I haven’t even got hosting yet so the site will probably crash. Lets see where my $23 investment will take me this time. And I think I will open this one up to investors since legal cleared, why not help others get MORE rich. ([email protected]). All business in 2014.**