Is Natural Beauty Even Beautiful

December 16, 2013 Charlotte, NC State, The Dirty 494 107,067 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw you on Dr. Phil (my fav show) so I decided to check out your site and now I’m addicted!  I know I don’t belong on TheDirty because I’m not trashy, I’ve never been to a bar or club instead I married a loving man with a career when I graduated high school a couple years ago. We just had our first child last month. I feel like a real woman who made good choices but I can’t help noticing that the only girls who turn heads and get attention are the ones who have gotten plastic surgery and look like barbies. I hope my wonderful husband doesn’t get pulled into the delusion that raw sex appeal is more desirable than a faithful wife, but it seems like +2′s are taking over the world! I guess I didn’t realize it as much before because I don’t do any social networking but now I see so many fake girls and it makes me feel like all my hard work to look good and get in shape after giving birth for my husband is not good enough whereas I used to feel like a hottie. I just gotta know what you and other people think.. are all-natural girls like me even considered as pretty in today’s society? I know I’m not a blue eyed blonde but I never claimed to be a ten, I just want to know If natural beauty is actually a real thing or do I have to get fake boobs, extensions, tan, and become anorexic to be seen as beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I behold you are a generous 4.2251516.- nik