Meet Shelbii Burch

December 28, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 79 95,723 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this lady grew up in the Detroit metro area and has a reputation for being a bipolar drunken mess and a spoiled brat. I seen her around my high school but never talked to her. I think she is really pretty I’m the face do you agree? However about 5 years ago she moved to Texas and blows up everyone’s Facebook newsfeed of food pics from her sugar daddy dates and if its not that she’s whining about being depressed and broke or asking people to come up to the local strip club Ricks that she’s a “waitress” at.  She’s really annoying and has nothing going for her whatsoever and probably hasn’t seen her two year old son on at least 6 months.

Why is she showing her teeth?- nik