People In Scottsdale Have No Clue What Sushi Is

December 20, 2013 Dirty Food, Scottsdale, The Dirty 64 94,597 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I live in LA and can get amazing sushi anywhere.  So when I was in Scottsdale, everyone kept on talking about Roka Akor.  So I decided to try it… and it was totally over rated! This place blows! Service was just ok and food was not worth the price. I tried some sushi but it tasted old and the rice was horrible, not sure who was making it but they have no clue what a fresh fish looks or tastes like.  I was frustrated and had to order some cooked food since this was the only time I could eat.  A friend recommended the grilled black cod… and man was that a bad idea.  It took forever to bring it out.  I could actually see the guy trying to grill the fish over the flames but keep screwing it up and saw him throw out several batches in the trash. Fish was keep falling apart because he was flipping it too many times.  Their fusion dishes did not impress me at all. They didn’t have any sake we wanted so the server said he can recommend one for us. We said we like ours dry and not sweet but of course the one he brings is sweet sake. We even told the server that we didn’t like our sake he recommended because it was too sweet and he didn’t offer us a different one or apologize.  I came to the conclusion that all people in Scottsdale have no clue what good food is.

Speaking of Scottsdale, I’m in town tonight. If you have any toys you want to drop off to American Junkie in Oldtown (don’t be scared to help the children), come by anytime and drop them off. If you want to win free +2′s then be sure to swing by tonight. As for Roka Akor, I went there one time about 6 years ago and I never went back for obvious reasons.- nik