Professor Lamas-Richie

December 4, 2013 New England, The Dirty 78 91,595 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for a moment I used to think you were an asshole. I’m sure to the people that get exposed on here you are one but I am seeing things in a different light now. I find myself being picky with people’s appearance. I notice flaws that most people overlook in so called “beautiful” people. You helped make me observe people from all angles and I no longer accept things at face value. I’ve learned a lot from you and that douchebag aura of yours is strength in my eyes. You are not one to let people f*** you over easily and you stand strong with your opinions not letting others influence them. Anyone that thinks you are cruel to your wife don’t understand. When a person sugarcoats their true feelings they are not letting the other person grow and better themselves. Press will grow up with a strong father figure, not a little b*tch like most men of our generation are.

People think I’m a douche bag… had no idea. Thank god that word is dated and holds no value.- nik