Save our Semen

December 4, 2013 Victoria 136 8,107 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please do a PSA and help save a good person. Daniel Johnston and I came to British Columbia to Join The Navy. He started dating a girl who everyone seems to know is a disgusting teenage hooker named Santana Mckellar. He is an ok guy but can act the whole douchie gangster wanna be but whatever ,he needs to know about his girl. Everytime his back is turned she is turning tricks and she gave him drd. I hate to do this to a buddy but his personality is that of a guy who will turn on me if I approach him. Hoping the dirty can help by telling him this girl has been all over the place hooking. She posts on craigs list under the theraputic section as Tiffany and does duo’s with Starr an over the hill drug addict hooker that bounced from victoria to kelowna a few yrs back. S.O.S save our sailor.