Fat Snitch

December 23, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 25 7,811 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Derek fitzer the nasty dude in Cleveland stays off Of 1*** owns just resale he feeds little girls Molly and beer and any other drug he can find than try’s to sleep with them I am one of his victims and I’m 17 stay clear from him he snitched out of ever case he got who shoots up a house gets out of it he was on the news for it and don’t get in any kind of trouble put two and two together Smh ur so nasty u try to acked like a good guy but you are a pig for the staff u do to little girls u need to acked your age your in your 30′s u need to be put away your a waste of space on earth u make me so sick for the staff u tryed to do to me I’m so surprised you have not been on here before girls u need to Speke up against this low life u massed my hole life up dart ball

Its hard to mac chicks from the couch.- nik