Watch Out For Ellie Rojas

December 27, 2013 San Antonio, The Dirty 98 95,146 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ellie Rojas and you better watch out for this bitch. She doesn’t like to spend her own money and won’t hesitate to spend yours. After she’s spent your money she’ll pick a fight with you and go find other friends (Which is why the idiot is always getting new friends and never seems to have the same ones).  She is as fake as her boobs, so don’t ever expect a real friendship out of her. She will use you and make you do favors for her, then toss you aside.  She pretends to be a good person by doing some charity work, but it’s all a trap to try and sucker people into thinking she’s not a giant bag of crap.

Looks like Ellie’s chest does all the luring talking.- nik