Beach Bunnies, Nothing more then Pimps

March 24, 2014 Kelowna, Langley 1895

THE DIRTY ARMY: Porscha and Stephanie are nothing more that Dirty washed up Hookers that now act as Pimps and operate Beach Bunnies in Kelwona. Hello Nik lets change it up a bit ! instead of outing the prostitutes why not see what the pimps of these girls do when they are exposed. Since Stephanie and Porscha or what ever their real names are maybe we could see how they like it being exposed as the pimps they are. The are no more than common street pimps just because they use the internet and have a DIRTY location attatched to a junk yard doesn’t make them any better they will try and no doubt justify themselves as contributing to Kelowna but that’s farthest from the truth seems most business owners will be proud of their accomplishments lets see how proud they are in taking advantage of you misguided girls only to turn out sex for money for these two old Whores .Porscha and Stephanie they certainly promote themselves but they are not the ones going to get Aids or worse from the customers. lots of girls getting exposed from Beach bunnies makes you wonder if its coincidence or if they do it on purpose to run them outta town when they stop producing money for these old whores just so they prevent them from going independent SO I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL THOSE THAT HAVE INFORMATION ON THESE TWO OLD WHORES TO POST IT HERE AND MAKE IT PUBLIC ADN LETS SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT PLEASE USE ” SUBMIT MORE INFORMATION ” to add pictures and please add Face book and personal links to their families and friends Its only fair if these Whores who live off the avails of prostitution are going to continue to profit and take the money and run and then dump the girls they should BALL UP and take it like a real whore would. Please Post and advise the City of Kelowna and its Council Members you will find Beach Bunnies telephone number on its advertisement Heck Maybe even expose the Receptionist they greased over to do this DIRTY Job for them. PLEASE POST MORE INFORMATION ON THESE TWO WHORES ” They will try their best to sugar coat their existence ” LOL they have big mouths from being stretched out no doubt from all that Dick going down their throats. Good Luck and enjoy