Sarah Jones v. Nik Richie – Oral Argument Before 6th Circuit United States

May 2, 2014 The Dirty 438

David Gingras — Sarah Jones filed her lawsuit against Nik Richie and TheDirty back in December 2009. Since then, we have spent 4 ½ years fighting against a closed-minded judge who decided our fate before we even set foot in court. I cannot emphasize enough how frustrating and unfair that process has been….both for Nik Richie and for Sarah Jones. Both sides deserved much more respect from the court.

When the trial judge, William Bertelsman, rejected our legal arguments at the start of the case he had the option of allowing us to immediately appeal that decision. Judge Bertelsman refused, and as a result both sides have wasted nearly half a decade waiting to take the issue up to a higher court. Today I think the message sent by the Sixth Circuit was crystal clear – Judge Bertelsman was dead wrong….just as we have been saying from the start.

Unlike Nik, I think it’s premature to assume that we won, but let me say this – I have never left a hearing like the one today without knowing exactly what the court was going to do, and so far my initial predictions have been right 100% of the time. Having said that, I stand firmly by my comments that there are no winners in this case….but today, Nik Richie and I certainly do not feel like losers. DA Strong!