InCase You Didn’t Know

Alcohol + Douche Bag = Recipe for FAIL.- nik



THE DIRTY ARMY: Look at this a-hole who is never going to get any action the rest of his life. That pose is disgusting! He will not be eating out anytime soon!

L00ks like someone is about to enjoy ( I use that word loosely) some purple crayon.- nik

Myrtle Beach Hottie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, I snapped this pic covert style of this hot girl laying out on Myrtle Beach. Any chance you are going to come throw a party out here?

If all the girls look like this beached whale, not a chance in hell.- nik

BP Foul

Now you just ruined the whole game.- nik

would you ?

would you ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Would you?

Answer: No, that is a dude.

South Carolina Has No Hot Chicks


“We couldn’t get into the schools that have pretty kids.”

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