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InCase You Didn’t Know

Alcohol + Douche Bag = Recipe for FAIL.- nik

National Health Warning

The gift that keeps on giving.- nik



THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Emily. I think she is the hottest thing since microwave popcorn. She went to the salon today. I think she got a GREAT new makeover. So my question is, would you hit this as hard as I would?

Answer: No, that is Fiona from Shrek.

BP Foul

Now you just ruined the whole game.- nik

Drake Wh*re


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is such a wh*re. She hangs out at childrens playgrounds and gets fingered on the slide. she is disgusting and needs to be stopped! would you finger her on the slide nik???

Answer: No, she dresses like she is 8, and she has the worst camel toe ever.

Fat Asian Tool

Fat asian tool

THE DIRTY ARMY: This greg-smoocher is the bartender at Peggies, a campus bar at Drake. I think he’s 25 or something. The only way he is able to get his greg touched is when he gets some poor tranny too intoxicated to know whats going on. . . . . nice dog tag.

This guy looks like a life size Greg.- nik

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