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Alley Quieff

Alley Quieff

THE DIRTY ARMY: dis iz alley aka the quieffa… be aware boyz she luvz to pee on boiz lapz nd she f*ckz guyz so dey wnt leave her nd she dumb nd fckin fugly i herd she a lil bushy down der to. nik, she belongz wit da apes nd she thnkz her sh*t dnt stink she thnkz she the coolest persn eva to.

Here is a perfect example why America needs to reform education.- nik

Killer Kelly

KILLER kelly

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is KILLER kelly. everyone help me out here and tell me what you really think of this one.

How tall is that dude, like 5 foot?- nik

Crackhead “Cowgirl”



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, just want some feedback on this one… Would you?

Answer: You can’t be serious.

Happy Crayon

The Purple greg is happy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Purple Greg is really Happy with this chubby smelly stripper.

I bet that is her post-Photoshop poster behind him.- nik


Fun With Fatties



THE DIRTY ARMY: The hoe in yellow hair is the nastiest sl*t that has ever walked the streets of new orleans! Her noodle friend is stinky. Would you ?MASTER NIK? She like’s the drugs and drug dealers. She has to get a hook up somehow. She will f*ck any man or woman married or not.

Her friend is so fat I almost couldn’t smell the noodles.- nik

Would you?



THE DIRTY ARMY: I have seen you say Louisiana has no pretty women. I disagree. This girl is beautiful, sweet, and cool as shit. Would you?
Answer: No. Not even her +2s distract me from staring at her butt chin.

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