THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is good ol dubya before his daddy made him president…too funny!

Come on Yale, send me some pictures of the real squad, not the king of bankruptcy.- nik

More Dani-Fat-Fani

More Dani-Fat-Fani

THE DIRTY ARMY: lmao so i took it upon myself to provide you with more pictures of the fat clown so you may see she is indeed FAT and UGLY. I know on her previous post (with liike 150 comments) she was saying everyone is a hater and to look at her myspace and see how hot she is.. bc she is “famous on myspace” (wow we need to submit her to True Life- I live a secret life on the internet) well umm .. HELP?

True life I am a beat horse.- nik

Crotch Shots Gross

Crotch Shots gross

Crotch Shots gross

THE DIRTY ARMY: Can this girl stop showing her crotch to everyone! we dont want to see it! gross!

U of A is not appreciative of Mini Dresses… so I will post this at other campuses across the nation to make her feel better about her Gretta.- nik

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