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Rena Ruiz


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this dumb bitch’s mom decides to put me on blast on facebook for attending a beauty pageant. RENA RUIZ a complete GOLD DIGGING WHORE from Albuquerque tells me at the Miss New Mexico USA beauty pageant to buy her daughter a rose and give it to her afterwards. So I do, lol. Her daughter Samantha is cute. I invite her to my 15 year High School reunion on April 18th, 2015 at Scalo’s on facebook. HER MOM goes ape shit calls me a stalker, creep, etc. and starts a bunch of gossip so KARMA is a bitch. Here YOU are on thedirty.com FAMOUS now RENA & your daughter. DON’T EVER FCK with me again. Like I CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME the dirty army have at these hoes more pics to come just wait on it. Thanks!

Beware of Kerry Barber


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is all about Kerry Barber. Ladies, hold on to your man. This selfie queen is known to pray on men for money. She is a filthy animal and attention selfie whore on Facebook. She is known to have been in a relationship with three men at the same time. You cannot tame this animal, she is a crazy whore forever.

Kristin Ludwig Ghetto Trash


This slutty piece of $*** is about as classless as they cum. Foul-mouthed and heartless, she takes advantage of the ugly & insecure from Cali to NM so watch out! She’ll sleep with any guy young or old as long as they buy her meaningless shit – this bitch didn’t graduate HS and can’t hold a job. Infamous for her violent outbursts, pill-popping and crack addiction, she likes to take it up her anorexic “Cali girl” tatted ass. Only 25 years old and has been divorced twice, she’s on to her third marriage victim after only a few months of dating, poor bastard. Kristin sluts it up around town caking on the ghetto ratchet makeup while he’s working for weeks in the oil field to buy her stripper pole and feed her addictions. This won’t be the last you hear from her – guaranteed she’ll divorce this sucker by next year & move on to the next.

Help Prosecute Their Parents

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dog Torture – NEED TO PROSECUTE PARENTS. This is some truly f*cked up sh*t and I hope the DA can get some justice here. These little girls are going to be serial killers.

No link was included.- nik

Categorizing Men


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I occasionally read this website, mostly to see if somebody I knew or do know is on here. Luckily most people I know are not on here.  So obviously I’ve noticed that most posts are done by illiterate people who have far to much time and hatred on their hands.  One thing really bugs me though. All these people post, especially about females saying ‘Watch your bf or husband’, ‘all men have slept with her’ and ‘it is not my fault all men want me’. It is frustrating because they are making it seem like all men are cheating bastards and that they have no respect for themselves or women. Being a woman who is engaged to a wonderful man, I find it ridiculous that these people are making all men seem like pigs. P.S. To those ‘girls’ saying all men want them: …not all men do…please grow up! Thanks Nik!!

That guy totally cheats in life.- nik

Thinks She’s a Ten

THE DIRTY ARMY: So she is 18, but looks closer to 30. Already been fired from Twin Peaks & a retail job, she spends all day bitching about why some guy from high school doesn’t love her anymore. Biggest ambition in life so far, she lives in uptown, where she likes to get drunk & bring the boys home for fun. Beware of this stage five clinger from New Mexico though, I’m sure they were glad to see her her go. Give her six more months and she’ll be working the stage at baby dolls and trolling for a sugar daddy. The girls self esteem is is a -50, which is perfect because once you take off the Mac force field, the push-up bra, the self tanner, and the fake nails so is she.

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