Alaskan Homewrecking Gurley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Megan Snyder (Gurley) she is quit the girl. She is married but that does not stop her from trying to sleep with her fellow co workers at the bodyshop she works at. Even better is she is a new mom and while she was on maternity leave she was inviting guys over late at night while her husband was out of town working. to find out she is 21 and driving with her child in the car after drinking all night. She is PATHETIC and TRAILER TRASH! Her poor husband pays for her phone, her truck, and the roof over her a head. Maybe she shouldn’t go around f’ing other guys and worry about what she can lose. not only is she ruining other people’s relationships but she is wrecking her own.

Serenity Tattoo Garbage Jason Coomes


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jason Coomes, owner of Serenity Tattoo. I’m surprised no one has submitted him before. He posts his business all over Anchorage and sends pictures of his mediocre greg and pitiful body to any girl who gives him the time of day. He will sleep with anyone bagless … along with his tattoos he literally learned how to get and receive in jail, if you know what I mean… passing his DRDs… Go prison time! Plural… Felonies… He really likes the Alaskan strippers… Haha strippers in Alaska are the worst joke… Yet he keeps knocking them up and crying everytime they leave him. He keeps up the Groupon ads to bring girls in his tattoo shop… If any of you use his “tattoo gun” get tested… Along with his constant AA stints and wannabe MMA career, he is Dirty Army Strong in Anchorage… The uncool copycat of Sharkey… The best part, he will deny this and make up some excuse how it’s a revengeful ex… How everyone should feel bad for him… It’s not… This is just an honest observer of his sh*t behavior and someone tired of reading his Facebook AA quotes and seeing his naked body picts the past 5 years. You’re beat as hell.  But some acne medicine. Maybe if you weren’t so busy sleeping with strippers you’d actually take some time to learn some art skills and not tattoo stencils you print offline turning them into crap tattoos … If you visit this shop, beware, along with the racist talk, if you want to get a crap tattoo, do not pick the female there l, 99% of the time it’s one of the girls he’s banging and getting down her pants by “teaching her to tattoo.”

Brandon Veer the Cheat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel bad for this guys fiancé considering we met on a dating site a month ago and had sex. I thought maybe he just met some random sloot online but judging by the comments they’d been together for almost a year. Be warned ladies, this PoF and Tinder match is engaged, plus his pictures are off, there’s no 6 pack, just a gut. Nice job on the photoshop DB.

This One Is a Real Piece


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is one mess after another. She’s banged her husband’s friend, who’s married and has a kid, for months without being noticed and let everyone believe she was this mentally and emotionally abused wife. She fed his best friend a year or so ago, and was talking to an Airman, lying and saying she was with other people when she was with him. It’s pathetic really. Her husband knows about all of this and has yet to grow a pair and divorce her dumbass. She cheats for attention and then plays the victim. C. T. is a mess and has no shame at all. She’ll bang married me, single soldiers, and will act like everyone’s BFF when she’s really talking about them behind their back. If you’re anywhere near JBER, you might want to watch your significant other because she isn’t gender specific, it’s just that no females have fallen into her web of bullshit.

Alexandra Ellis Killed a Man and Gets A Slap On The Wrist


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alexandra Ellis. In July 2014 (when she was still only 17) she was backing down the road, when she hit and killed a bicyclist in Anchorage, and then fled the scene, leaving him there to die. Three hours after the accident (when police caught up with her) she blew a .10 BAC, had weed in her system, and admitted to taking Molly the night before while at a party that she threw at her house. Her excuse was that her “flip flop got caught under the pedal and she was unable to stop.” This little spoiled and privileged b**ch ended up pleading guilty to DUI and criminally negligent homicide and was just sentenced in a plea deal. How much time you ask? 1 year and 10 days in jail! For killing someone! Felony DUI with multiple drugs in her system, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render aid, vehicular manslaughter, and yet meanwhile in Alaska, a male airman who hit and killed someone in a DUI accident 2 years prior was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Real f’ing great justice system we have when it’s pretty little white girls getting charged.

Nothing counts in Alaska.- nik

Coaching your Kids


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here you have Greta Anderson. A coach for a famous Nordic ski program. She is a single child & spoiled brat who meddles with other people’s lives out of pure boredom. Though acting like the brat she is, she cleverly makes sure her boss and other important ski community members only know her as the perfect employee/coach. Or what we like to call- an ass kisser. She coaches children and has all the parents eating her own sh*t out of her hands. Her true form is a completely deranged psychopath. She has countless love affairs with men ranging underage to well +10 her senior. Yet, she gossips about “love affairs” others are having. It’s a classic case of get everyone to focus on others while she gets away with murder. Every word that flaps out of her jaw is a lie. It’s her only form of communication. She is a dirty gossiping, leg spreading tramp that will stop at nothing to burn all bridges. It’s her nature to try and torture others; wearing a big smile as she f’s a husband and tells the town his wife is cheating on him. It’s a twisted game she lives in, no one is safe. You have to wonder- if parents knew, would they let this woman around thier children?

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