Alaska Trout Chris Druesdow


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Chris Druesdow, Alaska’s prime realtor, broker, DRD carrier and douche trout. Seriously, I wish he would swim downstream and die like the rest of the salmon in this state. He thinks he’s clever and God’s gift to women, everyones jealous of him according to him, but he is just your average sack of mommy issues who lies all the time to look better than he is. No, people aren’t jealous, they hate you because you’re a fat, smelly, mind game playing, moose like PoS who screws good people over for money. He had to move to Anchorage to do business since everyone in his home town thinks he’s a skeeze bucket. He lies about his age on every dating site, he’s more like 40, and tries to buy high school girls over with promises of a real estate career and then thinks it’s ok to slip them the date rape drug and threaten to ruin their real estate license and legal action if they don’t sleep with him. Women be warned, don’t let the sugar coating fool you, he’s just looking to butter you up to be fileted and diseased.

Local Rapper Ghost

THE DIRTY ARMY: Community watch alert. Kyle (aka local rapper GHOST) is back in Alaska. He originally ran for being a snitch. Claiming he had a target on his head after a huge drug deal in a wasilla motel went bad- and he was robbed. He currently claims to be sober but has made that claim before. He is a known and reputed petty thief as well as drug dealer/addict. He has stolen multiple times from his best friends (money on camera. Children’s iPhones. Family xbox 360 games) and from people supporting his many “recoveries”. Recently he walked into an establishment and gifted an old friend with several xbox 360 games “for being cool with everything” -while it was known he was sleeping in a shed in the butte. How did he get those games? He also gave away a pair of LeBron shoes. He is unemployed and homeless. We do not know how he got these items or how he has gold chains. He stole money from two single mothers within the last few months. 500.00 from one. Her car went into repossession mode afterwards. He will be prosecuted in court. He will go to jail. But most of all- no matter how he likes to represent himself as a struggling addict in need of just a hand – HE WILL steal from you. Be aware.

JBER’S Top Tag Chaser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Let me tell you about this girl i met a few days ago. Her name for starters is Leisl Renae Wallin. She works at the Tilted Kilt here in anchorage, Alaska. So i met this girl come to find out i ask her on a date and she is talking about marrying on our first date. Let alone opens up her sob ass stories about how her baby daddy left her and how her ex husband was a bad person. Well come to find out a few of my buddies know her. Not the best reputation for a girl. She this bitch will spread her legs for anyone who gives her money let alone benefits. Watch out guys this girl will wipe you clean. Shell be with you when you have money and when you don’t bam she leaves you for someone else and becomes their new side bitch. Pretty sure she has a std probably. Wouldn’t be surprised so be careful. She’s a liar and a cheater. These alaskan bitches they are full of shit. Lets let them know nik this girl needs to be removed from alaska.

SCAM ALERT — Northern Leasing Systems, Inc aka MBF Leasing LLC Is A Scam


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please post this to save other small hard working businesses – Northern Leasing Systems, Inc aka MBF Leasing LLC falsifies contracts and creates a non cancelable, excessive fees, forges signatures, loopholes the law with their own scamming attorney in New York.

This company came to my place of business offering a lower rate on credit card processes and to provide a point of sale system (POS). At the time, the salesman seemed very trustworthy and instead of reading the contract thoroughly, he made sure I received the short and sweet version to understand what all the fine line states. It seemed reasonable, so I agreed to the lease.

When agreeing and signing the contract, the salesman would not give an immediate copy, nor allow me to make a copy with my available copier. Instead, he came back 3 days later with a copy, which was not the original contract that was signed. When approached of the observation, he stated that the other documents weren’t important. Again, I felt the salesman was quiet trustworthy.

After using that service paying $230 a month for 2 1/2 years to lease the system, plus unusual fees throughout the duration, I sold my restaurant and cancelled the lease. This company continued to debit money from my account and when confronted, they explained that I still owe them 2 1/2 years more of service and that the contract is non cancelable. They sent me a copy of the lease agreement and that’s when I noticed that the signatures on each page were not from me.

The company tried taking somewhere around $6,500 from my account, but I was able to reverse the transactions with my bank. They tried again, so I had to reverse the transactions once again and then closed my business bank account.

Now, almost 2 years since I’ve had a business, Northern Leasing has managed to file a judgement with the state of New York, although I live in Alaska. The judgement aloud them to take the $6,500 plus an addtional $6,500 since the state of New York law says that the winner of a judgement receives 200% of said judgement to assist with any occurred fees throughout the process.

So far I have filed with the Attorney General’s office of New York and the A.G. of Alaska for Consumer Fraud. I also have 2 lawyers working on this case. I am using the recent lawsuit won by New York A.G. to assist with my case, since the filing of that lawsuit falls in with my situation. One of the statements within the settlement is as follows:

“As part of the settlement, the companies agreed to fully refund the more than $3.6 million they drained from their customers’ accounts in the spring of 2011.They also agreed to refrain from any efforts to collect the remaining approximately $7 million from customers targeted in the scheme – in some cases, up to 11 years after their victims’ equipment leases had expired. The companies are required to make automatic refunds to certain former customers and there will be a claims process for all other customers. Each customer participating in the settlement will receive 100% of the amount debited.”

Also, the attorney that the bank says has a judgement against my account is Joseph Sussman, which has the same address as Northern Leasing. Imagine that! Just look his name up and see what results you get about this attorney.

Hope this helps others when trying to fight against this fraudulent company. They need to be stopped and I will invest all I have to ensure this company does not screw me over.

Army Psycho

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jb…. Jb. i don’t know what to say. Oh wait i do theres TONS i have to say. Nik Meet JB. This mother fucker thinks he is the hottest shit to walk this earth literally thinks he is gods gift. If he’s not out drinking all the time he’s out pretending to be a wrestler apparently. He’s not nice. He’s rude if he dosnt get his way. He will talk shit about you for anything and everything. He can’t get a girl due to he is such a asshole and so rude to females that no girl wants to date him. And if you don’t text him 24/7 he gets all pissed off and will go off on you like a crazy ass gorilla. He honestly needs help. If you tell him you don’t like him good luck trying to get him to stoop messaging you cause he will blow your phone up i kid you not. He lies than again who dosnt. But hell lie about anything and everything even if its the reason he’s late to work or the reason why his man boobs look like females boobs. He cocky as ever hell move is muscles constantly . He very in love with him self. He most likely would marry himself if he could. I mean come on we already have the tag chaser on here, The dumbest army guy, the army slore, and the two fraud cheating couple. Who should be next.

Marriage Scam

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Allen And Cierra Allen Aka Cierra Stellings. These two decided hey lets create fraud and get married while I\’m in the military so we can sham money off of them anyways. No surprise tons of people do it anyways. But we are here to tell the facts and truth. Alex Allen is a liar and a cheater to this day he cheats on his wife. He barely gets the chance to now due to she won\’t let him go any where with out her apparently even to the bathroom. He does drugs and also rips people off. He’s not smart either we will shit talk behind your back and i wouldn’t bother to trust him either hell let everyone know your business. He’s on plenty of fish as well. And he has been talking to this guy lately kinda forming a gay relationship. But do your thing bro. Whatever makes you happy Once a cheater always a cheater. Now… Cierra Whew your a story to tell. She will try to get any guy in the military to marry her. Literally she had to drag alex to marry her or shed kill herself if he didn’t. She’s physcho she wont let her “husband” go any where!. Shes a barracks rat like most of the tag chasers here. SHe wants all your benefits people. She has 2 kids by two different dads and she suckers child support from each of them and yet she has no job. Cause she’s too lazy to work she would rather rely on state benefits and her now husbands pay check to stratify her needs. She’s what we call a depends who is to lazy to loose weight to be at least healthy looking.

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