Wayne Marsh – UFC Wannabe

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this outstanding piece of garbage (pictured to the left) is Wayne Marsh. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska and other than being a GSP wannabe, he also likes to put his hands on women. He is a failure of a son/man to two proud Marines and if they knew the truth about him, they’d probably fcking ki** him themselves. He has amounted to NOTHING in his life and he will take his rage out on you ladies, with his fucking fists. Burn this worthless little excuse of a man who hurts women and lives off his parents past glories. I also believe he STILL lives with said parents at 26 or 27 years old. That is Wayne D Marsh ladies.

Psychotic Mother

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well let’s meet Sammy Roseable. She’s a trashy psychotic mother who teaches her child how to smoke pot off a pipe and pulls knifes out on her baby dad Justin Young while he was holding their newborn daughter Emma Young. She a dirty little slut who fucks every guy in anchorage. She even claimed she was raped back in September of 2010 by a guy name John cause she found out she had chlamydia kinda fucked to cry rape cause she thought he was cute and said she was going to fuck him then brags about having sex with the guy. Oh but then it’s rape sorry can’t rape the willing. She doesn’t even know who the father his of her two year old daughter Katalenna Dewy first it’s a guy name Ryan O’conner but according to the paternity test Kat wasn\’t his, now Katalenna is Adams her ex boyfriend but December 2013 she was wanting to do a paternity test cause she thinks Katalenna could be a black guy that again so called raped her. She beats her boyfriends then calls the cops saying they beat her when no one has ever seen them lay a hand on her but we\’ve all seen her lay a hand on them kinda fcked wouldn’t ya say. She uses people for money and fucks people over that’s why she has no friends. She pawns her daughters off to go out with different guys every weekend. She did crack and popped pills plus drink alcohol through both her pregnancies. She claims to be little miss perfect when she really isn’t. She lives on state assistance plus gets native checks. She worked at a day care off of debarr back in summer of 2012 and got fired after not even three months for child neglect. She trapped Justin Young and took her birth control out to get knocked up but Justin doesn’t even think Emma is his cause she was cheating on him when they were together with 6 different guys. She a trashy Alaska native and stalks people and harasses them. She needs some real help but I don’t think there is any hope for this poor Alaska native. Beware of this psychotic mother who abuses her kids and pawns then off on strangers to go out and fck guys.

Wannabe Rapper, Kenny Mckay

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this embarrassment to my state is Kenny Mckay. thinks he’s the king of alaska an his shit dont stink. I can think of only 1 maybe 2, girls who he has ever been involved with, but he acts like a player thinking every girl, probably guy too, is trying to get him. He claims he’s a “rapper”, yet has two dead end jobs, an im yet to meet a single person who has heard of anything from him besides, self-centered, egotistical, womanizing banter (with no rhymes I might add). He constantly lies about his bedroom exploits an then after being called out on his lies, trys to say HE’S the one being lied about. Anytime he’s around, its hilarious how my female friends all have a story(s) about him trying to game them, but has no game. Apparently, he is half black … Yaaa O-K … If he’s half black, I’m half reindeer. He loves to put on the Gangsta façade, but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. Honestly, this “wigga” just needs a reality check, to stop taking “selfies” & stop trying to be everything he isnt. Grow up dude, you look young but your like 30, act it.

Abusive Mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let meet Ashley Koon -Cole she is a very ugly person inside she is on her second marriage and third child before the age of 23 she thinks she is the sexiest bitch alive when in reality she is not she hits her husband and her kids she always hanging on a different dude every weekend while her husband is at home with the three kids she is constantly drinking her own husband had the Jbear police take her crazy ass to the mental hospital she is really rude and obnoxious if she does not get her way she flips the fck out like bat shit crazy she was even kicked out of the diamond mall all because her husband did not want to buy her another wedding ring when they where already married and it coat 4800 dollars the security had to put hands in her while her new baby was their and had to call the cops on her. She tells David if he does not stop talking to his family who can see she is a gold digger and cruel and a bad mother she brags about all the stuff she has when if it was not for her husband she wouldn’t have it she collects state assistance even though she knows she can go to jail for fraud she brags about being a barracks who’re and how she trapped David she talks nothing but shit about everyone even if you are her friend people need to know about her crazy ass

Trashy Poser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s meet Meghann newmann. Their is so much to say about her she has been talking and fcking a different guy every weekend she lives off state public assistance lives in the basement of David Cole and Ashley Cole house on Jbear she is Kaytlnn O’connor jr they would be best friends this girl is a pathological liar she claims to be from Cali when she is from Washington she uses her kids father for money and refuses him to see his daughter if he does not give it to her she has fucked my little brother when he was only 14 and her 19 she smokes meth and tries to sell it. This girl will try to ruin your life if she don’t like you she brags about how being a slut is great she even was treated for herpes. So people who have slept with her need to get checked ASAP she starves her self to be skinny and claims to be hot shit when she is just shit she is BFF with David Cole wife the crazy one who beats her husband she will lie and talk mad shit but never say it to their fave she uses people for money she is just nasty beware and get checked

Todd Barnett Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where oh Where shall i start. Ahh Yes! Todd Barnett! Air Force Fire Fighter stationed at JBER, Alaska as of right now. This guy thinks he’s the hottest shit to walk this block. Now why is he thinking hes the hottest shit? Well he’s similar to a shit talking photographer names Laura Stennett. He talks mad shit too! And cant decide to back it up. See Mr Barnett Hell talk shit about your business about your self And hide behind a computer because thats the best he’s got. He has a photography business i believe it was Charleston Photography and Todd Barnett Photography which ever one he feels the need to own. See I’m not getting why so many people think its hilarious to just ruin other peoples self employed businesses. I guess Karma will get to your ass so count your blessing sweetheart. We all know you most likely cheat on your wife as good as you hide it.

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