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The Working Girls At ASU Are Getting Desperate


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, with the popularity at ASU of girls turning to prostitution to pay for classes and buy red botttoms, the competition has made some girls aggressive and desperate. A few days ago I was grocery shopping at the grocery store near campus where all the hot chicks shop. After noticing me stare at their flabby cheeks of their ass hanging out from their shorts, the girl here with the blue cap let me know if I like what I saw and wanted to “experience her and her friend” that I could do so. After handing me a slip of paper with her phone number on it she said I could have her and her friend to for $500. Nik, my question is do you think with more and more girls joining the hooker and pay 4 play business everyday, is their aggresive sales behavior soon to become common behavior amongst working college whores?

I respect the casual Friday Arizona State University uniform. You are getting a deal, take the offer… help add to the soulless Mill Ave. society.- nik

The Life of the Party

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl KILEY ATKINS simply thinks she’s the hottest girl at asu. she is always hooking up with random guys at parties and even my friends. beware of this girl not sure about how “clean” this asu party girl might be

The Mill Ave. Rapist Jay Johari Changes Club Name



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember that RAPIST Jay Johari who own’s Vintage on Mill Ave? Well that sick scumbag took out a loan or something cause he changed the name to BAC Lounge to try and change the image because apparently nobody wanted to go get date raped at Vintage anymore. Here is the EVIDENCE. Owner listing and License Listing. Don’t take chances girls. Stay away, stay FAR AWAY or wake up with a gross fat bald 50 year old sexually assaulting you! How this creep isn’t in jail yet I have no idea!

You can’t hide from a License Number.- nik


Jay Johari Needs To Be In Jail

Tempe Bar Owner Jay Johari Arrested For Rape

ASU baseball player has a tiny bat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, coming out of the bullpen for another losing performance, Darin Gillies. He is forever trying to throw his curve on every girl at ASU, but his game is so weak that nobody will even step up to hit it. He has around 40 girls on snapchat that he sends nudes to on a daily basis. He is by far the biggest douche at ASU and that is saying a lot considering. To make matters worse, he has a tiny dick that doesn’t stay hard and definitely has confirmed DRD. He has passed it around to every girl that doesn’t know his rep here. Someone needs to hit this guy in the nuts with a bat so he can’t ever foul the earth with offspring. Oh and Darin, a 4.88 ERA won’t get you a job anywhere but a slow pitch softball league. The scouts already know youre a joke.

Gay Squirrel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Alex Kalman is the biggest squirrel looking retarded f*ggot in Orange County and ASU. This little pssy recently got a tattoo on his arm to try to look tough which looks retarded because he weighs a buck twenty. This f**got went to U of A but is such a pussy he claimed he left because he couldn’t pee there and can only pee at his own house. This queer later went to ASU where he continues to be a gay f**got and tries to look cool with a tattoo on his skinny arm. Nik blast this fcking fa**ot please to do us all a favor.

My Stalker Kenny

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this past week with my car in the shop I’ve had to take the light rail from my work to my dorm at ASU. The last 4 nights in a row this idiot janitor Kenny keeps hitting on me after I told him I have a boyfriend! Even if I was single this guy is a light rail janitor that sweeps up vomit and beer cans which is gross! Ew! Anyway I got his name from his name tag and it said”kenny flaherty” so I google search and voila! Up comes several pictures on google images of his selfies one showing off his “hunkilicious bod” he referenced! Haha lol! He needs to learn to respect women and ask us out properly in a formal setting instead of on a nasty train. Thank god my car finally is fixed! If any of you low class women want to give poor old Kenny a complimentary bj he’s at the sycamore station at the end of the line. LoL!!!!

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