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Ike’s Love And Sandwiches In AZ Is Just As Shady As The Others


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m a former employee (Supervisor) of Ike’s Love and Sandwiches. I worked at the Mesa location and then was transferred to Tempe as a shiftlead. Chase Ottney and Marco Matriz (who are secretly lovers) wrongfully fired me when I complained that they were violating my rights. They were also blatantly sexist, racist, homophobic etc. However, I’m a first generation college student in my senior year, I sat down with Chase to ask if he could ask Marco to treat me with more respect (I was called ‘bitch’ by Marco often).  Chase became visibly agitated and said that what they discussed was none of my “f-ing business” I said okay. Since this environment is so hostile, and you only have two shift leads, I’ll stay on the schedule so you guys won’t drown (mind you this shop has been open less than three weeks). He said no, I was fired. I’m now wrongfully terminated and not sure where to go, but bad publicity is needed. Ike’s is shady. And I refuse to be silent.

You need to hire a lawyer.- nik


Walking Bass

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Colin and self proclaimed writer/blogger. Has a romance book out in amazon world going for dirt cheap. Comes from Ohio lives in Tempe. Bar junkie/drunk. Dude has an ego to big for his tiny a** mind. He started a blog about his “frequent flyer miles” I’ll say. Biggest sociopathic narcissist I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He thinks he is better than anyone and will tell you that he only screws white women because they’ll do whatever he wants yet he can’t keep a girl. He recently had a gf got engaged even, then his true bi-polar side came out and everyone saw him for who he was, a nut case. He is now on tinder and plent of fish just trying to get his di*k wet. Ladies watch out, he is not a fan of condoms and has had his fair share of drds. Guy needs to have his ego brought down a notch or ten. He looks like damn alien from Mac and me, nothing to really look at. He will blast any female he sleeps w on his blog. So just be careful. He is like a female and will work hard to get back at you and make you feel like crap.

ASU Sorority Recruitment Is Just Wrong



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this happened to a girl rushing for Sorority Recruitment at ASU and probably hundreds of others. Pretty self explanatory. What’s your input Nik?

She is 100% correct. I was leaning more towards a 4.887729. ASU is blonde country not Jersey Shore.- nik

Preppy Image Trashy Actions

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I love the dirty! I got yet another truth to expose. I met this girl Dannielle Sumter at ASU. She is attending school to be an English teacher but I am going to tell you why she is more qualified for hooking then teaching. We met last February and had a friends with benefits thing for the rest of the semester. All I had to do was take her shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square and she would spread her freckled legs! She never told me she had a boyfriend who was in the army and stationed in Kentucky the whole time! Nik please expose this tramp who tries so hard to convince people she is a sweet little church girl for the lying, backstabbing, nymphomaniac she is!

Selfie Obsessed Douche



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this looser Anthony Densi goes around friending random people on Facebook posting new selfies relentlessly. He is employed as a society graphic designer but still lives with his mommy. Doesn’t pay any bills or buy food at all. He goes to Old Town bars and hooks up with cougars who look similar to his mom which implies he has serious issues. This guy loves attention so lets give him some!

Eddie’s Quick Stop is a Front

THE DIRTY ARMY: Almost 1 year ago Eddies at 19th avenue and Camelback in Phoenix was raided by a joint operation by FBI and Homeland Security. Two employees; Tyran Williams and Pedro Medina were arrested for selling drugs behind the counter. One other employee named Rory Walters of Tempe, photos provided, somehow escaped arrest despite the fact that he regularly sells “kush”, street slang for high grade marijuana, manufactured by a neighborhood street gang to ASU students. He is often seen on Mill avenue at night and pushing product to people on the light-rail. The family that runs this convenience store that has been in the neighborhood since 1992 pays this local gang protection money. They have ruined the neighborhood by selling cheap beer which brings in tons of homeless people from downtown. They have also allowed prostitution on their property and what is scary is behind the property is an elementary school and the neighborhood is filled with young impressionable kids from lower-class families who are very impressionable and eager to fit in and give in to peer pressure and either join the local thugs, develop drug problems, or both. My hope is that in posting this a boycott of Eddie’s will take place forcing them to close up shop and leave the neighborhood forever. I have already reported all I know to Phoenix police in October 2013 and again this past May and there have been no additional arrests and I’m hoping more people will start talking now that I outed these thugs.

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