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Kim Whiting


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ye asked and ye receive! You asked who Shannon Henry, the chubby thick lady’s man was having an affair with….and here she is! This is Kim Whiting, Henry Graphics VP of sales. Not only does she suck at sales, but she sucked her way to the top of this shitty little company while married with two young children at home. You gotta be desperate to throw your own wife away for this slutty little troll. I guess if you are nailing the help, you can hide your money from back taxes owed to the IRS!

Anything for Studio Time


THE DIRTY ARMY: Miss Megan A.K.A Megan Broadie is an up & coming R&B singer that will do just about anything to make it to the top. She will suck you dry then hop on a song with you. Looking for a good time in the “A”. All she wanna do is fuck & record and fuck some more. Using what she got to making to the top. If you have a recording session with her you’re sure to get more than just vocals. Follow her on twitter @darealmissmegan , IG missesmegan .

Steals Social Security Cards


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty ass mother fcker is BRANDON TINSLEY. He lives at home with his mama at the age of 26 but puts on a great front like he has money. He lives in Lawrenceville and is very well known in Gwinnett county. Well ladies if you have ever had sex with him and it was unprotected…you most likely have something. So go get yourself checked out ASAP. He knows he has an std and doesn’t care and is not in a hurry to get it treated and continues to fuck girls unprotected. So watch out for his nasty ass! He also steals people’s social security numbers and names and personal info. He has dozens of them if not more at one time. He already has a fraud charge and was in jail for it but continues to steal peoples identity. Don’t trust his ass. He will tell you whatever you want to hear but at the end of the day it’s all about how he can fuk you and than fck you over and make money of you!

Baylie Fewell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Baylie Katelynn Fewell is a home wrecking whore! She finds men on Seeking Arrangement to sleep with and doesn’t care if they have a wife and kids at home. All she cares about is spreading her legs for cash. All the while she has a boyfriend she claims to love. I wonder if he knows about your quests for cash… She complains about having a terrible home life, horrible parents (boo hoo!) and makes sure that she can mess up the home lives of everyone else too. She’s a white trash waitress that doesn’t do anything to further herself in life but try and mooch off of older men who have money. Well guess what honey? The joke is on you! My husband who you slept with for your little pocket change ALSO has been sleeping with men for a while unbeknownst to me. Oh yeah, and try not recording your sex sessions or taking pictures next time so you don’t caught Queen Trashy! Or look for a guy that won’t sing like a canary and tell EVERYTHING you’ve ever told him when hi back is against the wall. As the (soon to be) former wife of your personal ATM I can assure you that I will spend a small percent of my money making sure your life is miserable!

Self Imposed Queen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Robin Nicholson is a drug addicted alcoholic whore who cannot get a man to stay with her for longer than 2 weeks. That is when her crazy starts showing and all the sex and blow jobs just cannot compensate. She stated in an email that she had drd and now runs rampant affecting anyone and everyone in her wake. She states now that she is not infected, but only said that so a woman would know she actually did have unprotected sex with her boyfriend. Then she proceeded to email constantly the woman and harass her simply because she had been spurned by the man. It became quite serious as the woman is a known drug abuser who lost her nursing license due to said abuse. A pathetic loser who now is a serial dater who men use and throw away because she thinks she is suppose to be treated like a “Princess” , her own words. Cum see Robin Nicholson at ***, Georgia

Stalking Again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Tiffany Lopez has a past history of stalking and going completely crazy on guys. She broke into her ex boyfriends house and hid in his room until he came home from a date one night and then accused the girl of being a home wrecker. The most recent ex is even weirder. She created a fake Facebook profile of him and posts things like #wcw with pictures of herself. Talk about crazy. This girl needs to have a reality check.

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