Stalking Again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Tiffany Lopez has a past history of stalking and going completely crazy on guys. She broke into her ex boyfriends house and hid in his room until he came home from a date one night and then accused the girl of being a home wrecker. The most recent ex is even weirder. She created a fake Facebook profile of him and posts things like #wcw with pictures of herself. Talk about crazy. This girl needs to have a reality check.

Debbie scams Dallas, Atlanta and now LA


THE DIRTY ARMY: Debbie Forth, the self proclaimed love coach guru, who uses others post and quotes to promote her own love coaching business to scam from YOU personally or the LGBT community. Debbie, can not even stay in her own Long term lesbian relationship. However, she did manage a sexual one until the age of 17 with her step father. Debbie, will try to charm the pants right off of you along with your pocket book, and dignity. She uses kindness and her pretend bible thumping ways to con you to the fullest. She is the biggest con artist there is and lives daily by doing so. Please beware of Debbie Forth. Texas Drive Lez be Proud Manifesting your SOULMATE-SOULDATE. CON GAMES with the LGBT included raffling a 2013 Fiat. The car was a loaner and was turned back to the dealership. Debbie, kept the money for her own selfish scamming ways. No one ever won and donations were never givin to the LGBT community. She had a fake person claim the car. Debbie, is now here in LA, up to her same ole same ole scamming ways. .

I Need Some Advice


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, 26 year old guy here. Freshly divorced after I caught my wife cheating on me after 11 years together (we met sophomore year in high school). I obviously haven’t lived at all. I have had sex with one woman my whole life and I am ready to get after it. I want to leave every memory behind. I don’t want to live in this town any longer, I want to discover. I have been doing research and read an article on HP about the top 7 cities for singles. You have traveled all over this country and you have been there and seen it yourself. I make around $110,000 per year, I have an engineering degree so getting a job anywhere will be really easy for me. For being 26, good looking, athletic man where would you go if you were me? I don’t want to waste another day in my 20’s being miserable because of my dreamkiller.  Here are the top 7 cities.

1. Miami
2. Houston
3. New Orleans
4. Austin
5. Atlanta
6. Las Vegas
7. Nashville

If you are looking for consistent sex — Seattle. The chicks are decent, a little pale but they have sex to overcome depression. Plus, the sports life is good. If you are looking to rebuild a fun life for the next 4 years my only answer from the list would be Austin. Also, don’t get into any serious relationship again until you are 30. Be in love with yourself and the rest will fall into place.- nik

Atlanta’s Lovely User and Abuser Janelle Staley


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Janelle Staley. The Southeast has been witnessing her lies and cons for years now. Not only is this image sadly posted by herself to the internet, she also made a very public and fake profile about herself with the uploaded images, claiming to have just moved to Atlanta from Italy, although somehow most of Middle Georgia seems to have remembered growing up with her there, not Italy. This all was a post to “make friends” in the local area (aka get famous online). This was during a time where she was in serious relationships with two men at the same time of course, both horribly victimized by her. During her time dating these two men, she got into a car accident and faked a memory loss (not remembering the last two years of her life) so that she wouldn’t get caught with both men when they both showed up to her aid after the accident. She pretended to not know either of them, but secretly continued to date both since she was now in the clear. Allowed these men to waste emotions and time on “making her regain her memory” and in that time also tricked cons in there such as “my credit was ruined from my memory loss I need you to co-sign on boob job and computers etc.” Faked a pregnancy for attention, claimed to have a miscarriage in her bathroom and went to a party the same night, got away with many lies, and once these guys finally caught on she ditched them both completely and started over with a poor kid in Atlanta who has no idea what kind of person she really is. This story is sad because not only has she not learned her lesson, shes continuing on a path will ruin more innocent men’s lives, and bank accounts.

The underwear is not doing anything for me.- nik

Likes to make women feel sorry for him

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy wants to have his cake and eat it too. He lies to his family to cheat on his wife and has a sob story about how horrible his wife is to manipulate his way into getting women to get a good time with him while promising to leave his wife. He has no intention of leaving his wife and will harass and stalk the “other women ” if he can’t get them to stay “on call” if he wants some action. He’s verbally and mentally abusive and doesn’t deserve to be getting these women to do what he wants when he wants. He’s a selfish cheating bastard and I hope he’ll get the same shit from all the women he’s hurting.

Red Mccord recap

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meli$sa \”Red McC0rd\” aka M3LISSA $UE MCC0NATY, MCC0RD, MARTINEZ, MCD0NALD, MCCARTHY, SPR1NGFIELD +countless other babies-daddies/ex-husbands divorced this lowlife mom of the year after abandoning her 3 kids she produced by 3 different men. Red calls herself a public figure, business woman and model, however thedirty is the only gig Red lands besides bouncing from one old man to another (with several going at any given time) to pay her bills. She puts on the BS act proclaiming to be “Mrs. MILF” everyone knows she is far from a caring mom- her kids are in another state and she can’t even manage to get off her ass to drive them when they visit. She sticks even THAT responsibility on others while she lays in bed. Businesswoman? This cheap trick has been unemployed for over a decade! Where has Red actually worked? Oh and people claiming to be a successful model get PAID to work, not one of your old men taking pics of you in the yard with your shirt off. Lastly, her claim of being a devoted wife is humorous. Devoted wives don\’t bring their boyfriend home to ambush their husband with a gun, kidnap his child, and serve him divorce papers. Sorry Red, no one is hating or jealous of you either. What or why would they be? There\’s obviously general concern for the kid you may still have custody of. Nobody is talking bad about your family, it\’s YOU. Don\’t be alarmed if Defax knocks I’m sure they have been notified. Just a heads up, so lay off the pain pills and keep your damn legs closed.

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