Jen Wilke Is Blowing Up


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, with this months FHM cover and last months feature in FHM Mexico, Jen has made it. Haters can hate but she is doing big things… Admit it guys, you were wrong about her all this time!!!

I thought FHM shut down in America?- nik

Katherine Arsenault Jarvis – Natalia Knaj

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katherine Arsenault Jarvis or Katie (Natalia Knaj) is as fake as a $3 bill but MUCH more ridiculous. Since she’s so big on promoting this preposterous image of an aspiring old model on the internet, we’ve no problem setting this record straight. EVERYTHING THAT FLIES OUT OF HER MOUTH IS A LIE! It’s almost hysterical what she tries to convince people of. She hates working blaming her modeling “career” & collects disability blaming her supposed PTSD. She CLAIMS she’s been raped at a very young age. She TRIES to come across as independent, a go-getter & someone who’s beaten the odds & faced atrocities. Now for the facts: she’s managed to alienate herself from family/friends-EVERYONE who’s TRIED to help her,(usually right after they sense that she’s seriously imbalanced). She hasn’t faced 1 damn atrocity;if she’s found out, she bounces her flabby tummy to someone who doesn’t know her, just to do it all again. She sponges off people for drugs & places to live (usually right after someone’s kicked her out of a previous place). She’s a lot of things but independent isn’t 1 of them & she warms up to MANY strange men WITHOUT PTSD standing in her way! She’s (so far) managed to go through life, without someone bashing her right in her repulsive face! She can go from filthy hog to victim in seconds, once 1 has figured her out. You’d think she’d be a better manipulator by now. We wish her a prosperous modeling career-preferably in bikinis….for those needing to control their appetite.

Thinks She’s a Model

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This little piece of inbred trash is from Austin, TX. A fake wanna be “420” model with a nasty mouth and a habit for blowing boys for drugs. She will sleep with anything that walks. She and her bullshit boyfriend think they won Austin. He\’s a former fat tuba player. Cool guy right? Anyways steer clear of this little gem. Shes a psychotic turbo twat that needs to be put in her place. What do you think? Model material? Or nah? Sunshine

Donnie Joseph Is An Abuser And Womanizer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his name is Donnie Joseph. He plays minor league baseball, but goes around throwing money around like hes got money. His money is gone. He went up to the big leagues and did horrible so hes back in the minors. He dated my friend and no one can understand how women in Austin don’t hear stories about him and warn other girls. Hes absolutely off his rocker and has a new girl every week. He is a controlling scary person though and has the potential to really hurt someone. My friend and I looked up his arrest record and are shocked he doesn’t have one yet. The worst part is he claims to be this good Christian guy and even has scripture tatted on his arm but he is the antichrist. On the baseball blogs for girlfriends his bad comments he get always end up coming down. He must stay up on those requesting stuff be taken down. All women deserve the right to know who he really is.

Every gut counts.- nik


Warning Ladies About This MLB Loser

Jen Wilke Is Engaged To Her GoPro Greg Hale


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, to the sadness of her fans Jen Wilke posted the news that after secretly being with her manager/boyfriend Greg Hale, they got engaged and are immediately getting married.  They are going on a 4 month honeymoon/photo shoot excursion across the globe. This marriage is destined to be as successful as the Titanic.

Why does this person talk like she is famous? Nobody cares about Jen Wilke.- nik

Brandon the scummy degenerate

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandon Livingston was born in January 1977 in Ohio. He is a vagabond who makes a career as a lab rat in various states. Currently in Texas. He is goes from state to state doing so because he is in trouble for stalking and harassment of various women and men. He smokes crack, steals,rapes women and has a bastard child of mixed race.

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