Midge Jennifer Aroacha Callahan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Look its prostitute midge!!! Looking for a way to contract a DRD look no further than The Pink Poodles parking lot in Austin. This piece of trash is Jennifer Aroacha one of Austin’s skankiest! Though she may go by Jennifer Callahan now since some dumb dumb actually tried to make a ho into a housewife. This raunchy bitch has 4 kids last I heard and doesn’t have full custody of any of them because she is a druggie whore who would rather snort or smoke crack instead of being a mother! All her kids have different dads 2 of them she has no idea who the dads are. She thinks she’s this hot chick but honestly she looks like miss piggys mutated child. Do not trust this chic she lies so much to get money for her drugs she cheats on her poor husband every chance she gets. She’s not even good at being a whore! I wouldn’t even trust her as a friend she’s a wannabe home wrecker. She tried to break up my friends engagement by saying my friends man was sleeping with her & knocked her up! He doesn’t even know her and this isn’t the first time she’s tried to pull this crap. So if you see her steer clear because she’s a walking drd.

Can We Make Jen Wilke A Proper DC


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I notice a bunch of times in the comments on posts people calling for the naming process to make Jen Wilke a DC. Some of the names I have seen are Mc Rib, Minor Leagues and Jen Filthy to name a few. It’s so funny to see the interaction in the comments also the battle between her and Trisha was pretty hilarious as well. Can we please make a community vote and pick her a DC name. She loves coming on her to defend Ashley Alexis, Scars and The Office so maybe something in a superhero (she is a self proclaimed nerd) theme. She thinks she is a famous Playboy Model because she won Playboy Miss Social and Playboy put her on the cover of their 2013 Swimsuit Calendar using an unused photo from the shoot she won meaning they didn’t have to pay her. We all know her career is being paid for by Sirius Radios resident GoPro Greg Hale who takes her on photo trips to LA so he can sleep with her in return. Between all the scams she has pulled and amount of people she has screwed over she deserves her moment in the ranks as dirtiest. So please lets take this to the DA and see what we can come up with. I know a bunch of people are eager to submit.

**Jen Wilke has 38 posts on TheDirty, I think that qualifies her.- JV

She is so boring looking JV. Her desperation for fame at all costs is a major turn off to me. Wilke has zero “it” factor.- nik

Bigger in Texas


THE DIRTY ARMY: Big eyes ,Big nose ,Big Mouth, Big discounts, Big Gang Bangs and even bigger Lines being snorted in cute quiet little Beeville at the Holiday Inn. This girl named Sarah isn’t your normal Girl next door. She loves to target married men when they are away from their wives when they are out of town working. The dilemma started when an unexpecting wife had to get a prescription for Valtrex. She has bad hygeine, bad breath and takes really bad nudes. Nik give these working guy a heads up please!!! It’s true, everything is bigger in Texas!

Rudy James Lunsford


THE DIRTY ARMY: I know this guy has been featured on here before. Rudy James Lunsford. This guy works where I work. I actually found him on this website but refused to believe such a nice guy would actually be a sociopath. Turns out he was playing me and several other girls at work at the same time. At work everyone refers to him as a sleaze. It’s become a joke. He hits on everyone and lies to all the girls. He has a girlfriend who works there. She clearly has no idea. He likes to prey on overweight chicks coming off of bad break-ups or in unhappy marriages. He pretends to be interested in everything you are and knows how to manipulate. He’s a dirty, dirty guy. I don’t even know why he does what he does. He just likes to use people. Watch out. Everything the other post said about him was true.

The Texas Coward Kristen Lindsey


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is your sweet girl next door Kristen Lindsey, veterinarian. The one that you would take your sick cat or dog too if he/she needed help. I hope you didn’t take them to this chick. She killed the neighbors cat, a neutered house cat with a bow and arrow at close range. His name was Tiger. Then, she bragged about it and posted the picture on Facebook with her own mother commenting on how she took the picture to prove it wasn’t faked. Now, her and her boyfriend Tyson Probst have set up a PRO-animal abuse page on Facebook supporting this little twat Kristen Lindsey. She needs to just move off the planet. She’s gross and no one likes an animal abuser or killer, especially one who is supposed to protect our animals. Would anyone choose her as your vet for your dog or cat? I hope not, hopefully this nutbag that thinks she is so “awesome” will do some time for her felony animal abuse crime. Hateful skank!

I don’t understand why Kristen Lindsey and her boyfriend keep promoting this picture? It’s like they get off on the negative fame.- nik

Krista Is A Self Proclaimed “Model”


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so here’s Krista. The self proclaimed “Model”.  I’m not quite sure who told her that shooting for free with terrible photographers who are completely unknown to the REAL modeling industry made her a model… Or who told her that getting published in an unknown magazine… With one celebrity cover model.. Who also took a horrible photo made her “successful” but she needs a reality check. For one, every photo she’s posted her hand is over her face.. Or her hair is over her face. As you can see from one of these photos posted here, her face is busted. Bad. so I guess it makes sense. But it’s not a good pose. You look like an ameture. Secondly, you need to be honest with everyone about your real career path. As a stripper and escort. You’re not fooling anyone. And for all of us who know you personally… It’s comical to watch you pretend you’re some successful “model” traveling for photo shoots and making a living. Because you’re not. You’re selling your body. And you should be using that money for braces. Thirdly, and I’ll end with this. If you’re going to photoshop your photos to make your waist smaller and boobs bigger… Don’t take photos next to straight lines lmfao.

Some chick emailed me (not related to this post) saying — “my mirror is bent thats why the door is bending”. Maybe that’s the case here.- nik

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