Tehmeena Afzal Needs To Stop


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Tehmeena Afzal needs to stop. I won’t even get into how she became “famous”.  What makes me sick is that she continues to dress like a whore and act like she is a big time model when she has two small children. You don’t dress like she is in the picture for a Mothers Day brunch with your children. She also shows up to Mets and Rangers games dressed like Wonder Woman with her boobs hanging out and trying to have sex with the players. She brags that she has a real job as a car sales woman and shows off her Corvettes and other cars but we know how she really got them.  Stop it now. You have to small kids. Be a mother and clean your act up.

This person is famous… I don’t see it.- nik

Need a Side Chick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Side bitch needed? I found your perfect girl! Everyone meet Nina. If you don’t already know her. I LOVE to call her Nina “the homie hopper” Howell. I don’t know where to even begin with this little girl. For one she wants to play off like she is this amazing mother but will run around having babies with a man in Vegas and then take his child away from him. Which is currently doing the same thing to another man in Austin. While she cant even keep an apartment or a car in her name long enough to provide for them herself. And when shes not fcking to get pregnant as long as you have money you can pay her to fck you. I literally had a guy come up to me in the club where she worked at and said he gave her $500 to fck him. This girl is a hoe, a liar, a cheater, and just down right dirty.

Balloon Head Escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kentreal “aaliyah” Price, she once wanted to be an actress/ model, but never went about it the right way. She always wanted to date who she think is the hottest rapper coming out of Austin. (100% of the time they were douche bags, and liars) She only has sex for money no matter if she had a dude o not shell still fck condom-less, and get cummed all in her cervix. honestly if i can ima make a porn with this hoe. Right now shes on back page but shell be the biggest dis appointment due to the fact that she has super granny titts, they’re like a B cup but hella deflated and saggy.

Facebook Famous – Erica Camacho


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this right here is Ericka Camacho…she’s facebook famous for taking a selfie of her sucking a guys dick…she also encourages her followers to do drugs and have sex with everyone and she even admits to having sex with more than 20 people…and many people think of her as a Goddess and will do anything for her…its pretty pathetic and she posts half naked pictures of herself all over her facebook and gets mad when someone calls her a slut…she’s also really racist and doesn’t like black people….and will make fun of you if you aren’t skinny enough for her…I feel sorry for a her parents…because her dad has even admitted in a video hes ashamed to have her as his daughter…sucks to be her….she even tried to start a fight with me because I told her she shouldn’t be posting half naked pictures of herself because of the underage people as her followers and friends but she made a status about me being black and got people to hate on me…what do you think Nik?

When Is Photoshop Too Much


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, can you see how much photo shop Brian B Hayes did to this picture of Jen Wilke. She looks miragey around the curve on the lefty side of her body and what is the deal with that chin? I just can get over that this hatchet job of a photo is featured in her FHM Indonesia 11 page spread. I just want to see what The Dirty Army thinks about over photo shopping pictures and want to see some they know of in the comments. Post those pics Dirty Army!

Yup, the sand color doesn’t match on her left side.- nik

Is Jen Wilke Anorexic


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, for someone who claims to be into fitness a lot she seems to possibly be battling an eating disorder? I think we need to post this and possibly give Miss Wilke a wake up call. It might just save her life. Many photographers photoshop her ribs out of pictures of they creatively hide them personally I think Jen should visit the McDonalds extra value meal for a few weeks. Instead of sucking down Greg Hales Greg maybe she should suck down a few milkshakes. Pizza? I hardly know her!

Can I recommend the King Arthur pizza at Round Table… it’s da bomb.- nik

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