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Zhanna Mikhailova is a Dishonest Pimp


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a friend told me that he ordered a Russian through an online center for brides. The woman in charge is apparently a talented Russian scammer named Zhanna Mikhailova who takes advantage of youth and poor people in Russia, and trusting Americans. My friend said that he paid thousands of dollars to Zhanna’s agency and he got ripped off. He got a bunch of excuses saying that the girl had visa issues and that he had to pay more money in order to get the girl to Maryland. yeah, he’s in Baltimore but this cty has some great features like top university’s and the inner harbor. Just a warning to the Americans out there, don’t trust online centers involving Russians that make promises for a better future. The girl in this pic is innocent as far as we know, and she probably left her classes because of what Zhanna Mikhailova told her. My friend tracked her down to Baltimore, Maryland even though she said that she was living in New York. Another lie!

I think this chick is what Thickness is TRYING to look like.- nik

Get this Radical Extremist out of America


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Usually this site has alot of funny postings but your site also deals with serious topics and this is a dead serious topic. I need the help of all Sudanese people and all American people to get this radical extremist off of Youtube. Homeland security needs to investigate her because she is preaching extremist speech which can get a woman killed. You wonder why there is “honor killing” in the Muslim world? its because of women like this and their radical rhetoric. This Woman’s name is Sara Mansour. SHE LIVES IN AMERICA! BUT TALKS LIKE SHE IS LIVIING WITH AL QAEDA! Sara Mansour has made a video telling men that Sudanese women are “whores” and that women should be owned. She goes on to say that women who misbehave should be slapped/beaten by men! women are slaves to her. She talks garbage about women who do not dress in her definition of “modestly”. Her videos have the potential to get a woman harassed,beaten and killed. The sad part is that she is living in America! how are you living in America but you want to restrict the freedom of women to dress and do as they please? This “Sara Mansour” tells men to not allow women to travel or go outside the home. You have no right to tell a man to restrict a woman. All humans are free and have the right to travel as they please. Her videos are no different than the taliban,al qaeda or ISIS videos. She calls upon violence against Sudanese women in Dubai,London,America.. I urge any American person to please watch the video I linked,and have it translated by an Arabic speaking friend. You will be shocked. I don’t care if you are an American,British,Sudanese,German or Italian. We need to all band together to stop extremism!  I urge anyone also to forward this video to officials,because she is calling for violence against women! In my country of Sudan, women are being lashed and beaten for not “dressing accordingly”. Now this woman wants to turn America and the rest of the world into Sudan by telling men to attack women? Not on my watch! Her video is in Arabic, but she begins the video by saying “slap her”. Giving instructions to men to beat women! this is how sad and pathetic she is. (click here for video)

Black Majority Governments Harm Black Citizens


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am a successful black man running my own business. I went to a university and got myself out of the ghettos of Baltimore, and I married a great woman. I tried to keep my business thriving in Baltimore City, in part to support the black community, but I moved my family to a better and safer city for the welfare of my children after several negative experiences took place and I was not about to risk the safety of my family, assets, or my business anymore in Baltimore. The Mayor of Baltimore City does not care about black people. She was in fact sued by the Comptroller of Baltimore City since Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake committed serious financial waste, possibly in order to unjustly enrich herself and her suspect family. Look at what has become of a city that was once America’s greatest city (Bmore motto). I have no problem admitting that a majority black government will ruin a city, just compare the City of Baltimore to any other city in Maryland! The city workers are lazy, dishonest, incompetent and some have criminal history. Yet these public servants remain a liability to my city and my people. Since the mayor refuses to listen to people in any of the City Council meetings (including a scathing from my aunt who was also born and raised in Baltimore), the mayor can face the public on your great website. Instead of investigating Baltimore’s Police Department, perhaps the U.S. Department of Justice should criminally investigate Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her office for fraud, unjust enrichment, and waste. The riots were not over the police department, they were caused by the perpetual marginalization of black people by the government, especially by Baltimore’s incompetent mayor who said that the city “gave people a space to wreck” in order to give people to vent their frustrations. This is probably due to the fact that she is high on blow while she attends the City Council meetings! Just look at her evil eyes, you can tell that she is high as a kite.

Sometimes I wish Baltimore was part of Canada. I wish we could gift this city to another country. Bmore is so embarrassing.- nik

Sarah Jones York Really Started One Of The Worst Trends In America


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here we go again. Another NFL cheerleader pleads guilty after having sex last year with a 15-year-old boy that knew her son. Molly Shattuck, 48, reached out to her victim through her son after seeing the victim’s pictures on Instagram. Her son told the boy that Shattuck was “obsessed” and Shattuck later texted and arranged to meet him. Shattuck began an inappropriate relationship with the boy in Maryland last year. The two engaged in sexual activity at a vacation rental home in Bethany Beach, Delaware, over Labor Day weekend. Once they arrived at the beach house, “Shattuck allegedly performed oral sex on the boy, first outside the home while walking the dog and again in her bedroom,” according to court documents obtained last year. I blame Sarah Jones York for all these cheerleaders banging children. Sarah Jones’ case was the first, now we hear about them every few months.

It’s because Sarah York didn’t go to jail. Her life is perfect and she even married the kid. This gives hope to all female child molesters.- nik

Black woman speaks out against looting punks In Baltimore

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, not sure what this lady’s name is but damn is she on point. She speaks the truth about Baltimore and has some really great points. I hope these riots do some good to society.

The shark skin lipstick is too intense for me… I think her name is Lena Pullum.- nik

Nigerian Scam Artist Christine


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! PLEASE AND PLEASE! this crazy ugly bell pepper nosed Nigerian scam artist is stalking me and harassing me all over the net. She went off on me about how Nigeria is better than any nation on earth,”white” women are ugly(even though she tries to use tactics on cam to lighten her skin) and she wears a ton of weave. She said it was her real hair but every photo she has shows her with different weave. One day its blonde weave,one day its braided,one day its short and one day its her real “hair” which is bald headed. I will provide Photos showing this! This Christine is a Psycho stalker! she makes online threats and follows me everywhere on the internet! She has a hatred of light skin/fair skin people and said white people look like “greasy rats”. This person is vile and toxic! they are psychotic! til this day she is stalking me! and not only that, I have people messaging me telling me she is harassing them too! Can homeland security do a check on this Nigerian hateful scammer/stalker! I see she is active at nights! probably all day running her scams!

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