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Racist Baltimore City Police Trainee Tony Abbene

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tony Abbene, 23 years old (will be 24 on 4/4), Baltimore City Police Trainee class of 1303, from Parkville MD (Northeast Baltimore) legally known as Anthony Martin Abbene needs to be seen for the scumbag that he is. As his former girlfriend of 7 years I can say he has many character flaws. He lied on his employment application for the Baltimore City Police Department. He wrote on it that he had not been rejected from other Law Enforcement Agencies, when Suffolk County Police on Long Island had rejected him because he failed his oral psychological evaluation. I have informed his supervisor of this and an internal affairs investigation is now looking into it. Suffolk County PD keeps their records of each person who attempts to join their department on file, so he cannot deny the truth. He is friends with people who openly admit they do not like black people or Hispanic people and he also has contempt for them as well. He pestered me from September of this year until the December of this year because I had broken up with him and he wanted to get back together and he told me repeatedly I should move in with him. We began to talk more often in December and he would call me pet names, tell me he loves me and call me to talk for at least 45 mins nearly every night. Mid December I told him I wanted to get back together and we made plans in January to go to the four seasons in Washington DC for the weekend. A few days before Valentine’s Day he cancels our plans with no explanation and he would not answer any of my phone calls or texts. The weekend after Valentine’s Day his roommate throws a huge going away party at his house which is 2 doors away from my house and he does not contact me or see me. March 9, I show up unannounced at his door and another woman, Dawn Bowers, 26 of Forrest Hills MD his co-worker in the Baltimore City Police Department had been living in his one bedroom apartment with him, while he was still talking to me. She is in the photos, is chubby, has a masculine jawline and masculine eyebrows and is short. He did not take responsibility for his actions when I confronted him and wanted to keep in touch with me, while still dating her and he wanted to keep our plans to celebrate our Birthdays together. In other words he wanted to get drunk with me and act like we were together, then go home to his secret girlfriend. He wanted to date her to “try something new” and keep me on the back burner. He lied to me that Dawn Bowers was not at his roommate’s going away party but I found out 3 weeks later through a mutual friend that she was introduced to everyone there as his girlfriend. He also has road rage and really enjoys guns and talks about them excessively. Does Baltimore City Police Department really need a trigger happy, short-fused, racist, liar on their force? I informed his supervisors, in a long email of his bad behaviors and character choices, and I hope they see he would be a crooked cop, should they decide to keep him employed in their department. I am able to prove to the BPD that what I said about him is in fact, true. He did not have the decency or courage to end a 7 year relationship (that he begged me to re-join for months) by having a face to face conversation. HE SAID NOTHING. 7 years of my life with this tool and he decides he is going to have an ugly dyke he barely knows, move in with him and he didn’t think I would find out about it. Couldn’t walk 2 mins or make a 10 minute phone call to break up with me. He also is a one minute man in bed and will finish before we have even gotten started. I’m literally talking about less than 2 mins.

What Do You Think About Lacey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Lacey and wants to model

Brittany Gaydosh is an Escort

THE DIRTY ARMY: This illiterate bitch needs to be put on blast. I went to school with this nasty girl.She claims to make more money than drug dealers but the truth is she’s nothing more than a pill popping dope fiend that keeps dealers in business. Everyone knows she’s been Fcking & Sucking her boss, that dirty old man that owns Moes Seafood since she was like 16.All her friends laugh n talk behind her back about her drds. She will DO ANYTHING for money cause she “loves money and money loves her”. This hood rich hoe goes to the mall n fronts like she’s a baller, posts pics of the shit she buys layin on her filthy dirty floor(SLOB). I’ve seen her fat sloppy ass Out & About getting pushed around n felt up from one brother to the next. I feel sorry for her son, the Baby Daddy is in jail and she has a wangster boyfriend who doesn’t seem to mind that his girl is a prostitute. Brittany is about that life,brags about how she beat charges n only served a few months in jail. Now this girl actually thinks people are jealous of her pathetic life,lmfao BITCH PLEASE. The only way sh’s ever gonna be “On Top” is when shes on top of a dick! I only keep her ass on my FB for entertainment. I’m glad I stayed away from drugs n moved out of Dundalk so I didn’t turn out like this trashy girl.

Brittany Gaydosh is Hood Rich

THE DIRTY ARMY: I went to school with this nasty girl. She brags about how she makes more money than drug dealers but the truth is shes nothing more than a dope fiend that keeps drug dealers in business. Everyone knows she’s been Fcking & Sucking her boss, that dirty old man that owns Moes Seafood since she was like 16 years old. All her friends laugh at her n talk behind her back about how she has drd’s. Her baby daddy is in jail n she’s got a wangster boyfriend, but she stays bragging about how she beat like 40 charges n only served 2 months in jail. The bitch will blow anyone who gives her a dollar than fronts like she’s a baller, posting sloppy ass pics of her shoes n whatnot laying on her filthy dirty floor, what a slob! I’ve seen her out, she’s even more nasty in person getting pushed around n felt up from one brother to the next, she was so high. I only keep her on my FB for entertainment. Now this girl actually thinks people are jealous of her pathetic life,lmfao. I’m glad I stayed away from drugs n moved out of Dundalk so I didn’t turn out like this trashy girl.

Regina Clements of Poolesville MD

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this worthless, acne covered junkie is Regina “Gina” Clements. She is a mother of an adorable lil girl who continues to drink and do drugs. She gets high around her kid, was using while she was pregnant, and its a miracle she was born considering the fact that the father was a user also. She had NO idea who fathered her child, the got pregnant with someone she barely knew and decided to keep the baby to trap him, although she wasnt even sure it was his. She comes from a horrible classless redneck family, who are all junkies and ex felons. Her record is a mile long with drugs, theft, credit card fraud, prostitution, drug posession, etc. List goes on and on. No one likes her, shes an embarrassment to herself, her friends and child. She nods out while at dinners with people, its so sad. When she was young she was a huge slore then as well as now. Gina its time to get ur life back on track mama, everyone knows what a pathetic excuse of a human u are. U get high n drunk and put ur child at risk. Not cool. The father needs to get custody because from what ive been told he actually got himself together. stop running around montgomery county banging and sucking off anyone u can for some dope. Time to grow up, get help and be a good mom.

Mother of all Slores

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Angela Marie Cervantes who goes by Angie. She has 3 kids from 3 different people. Decided to go after my boyfriend when i was 7 months pregnant with his second child. She is filthy, home is filthy,kids are dirty & over all disgusting. When her youngest daughter was 1 month old she decided to leave her & go clubbing. She claims to be such a follower of Jesus but yet she is Jezelbel herself.

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