America’s Justice System is Problematic


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a black man who has worked hard to put myself through law school. Born and raised here, I still face discrimination in my own country due to the color of my skin. This is the case for all of America’s black men. Part of the reason for this problem is not just the ignorance and prejudice that perpetuate the racism against blacks, it is our flawed justice system that gives rise to inequalities that take place against blacks. The case of the racist white murdering cop in South Carolina is not simply an instance of a lying cop, it is the problem of the justice system protecting the white cop for unlawfully killing the black victim. Before the cellphone video of the murder surfaced on the NY Times, the Attorney General’s Office in South Carolina tried to claim that “all proper protocols were followed by the officer.” It was only AFTER the video surfaced that they actually investigated the killing as a murder and considered murder charges against the killer cop. I bring this to light since there are dirty white abusers who abuse black victims through the judicial system, a case in point in my opinion is the harmful hog of hate Judge Pamela J. White of Baltimore City, serving in the Circuit Court. I think that her disregard for the rights of the black victim assaulted by two white Jewish kids speaks for itself. Can it be that the Bergs put some money her way and let those abusers get away with not spending time in prison? If they were even half black, I think they would be spending a long time in prison. Racism in America is far and wide, and as an educated black man, I still get questioned about how I can afford the nice things that I have. It’s called being an attorney at law, bitches! The problem is not the few, it’s the many that allow the few to stay in power. To my fellow Americans, please speak up! I’m not interested in getting disbarred, so thanks Nik for this amazing website – you are a true American hero and defender of the American Constitution!

This image really speaks volumes.- nik

Dan Lenderking


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this right here is Dan Lenderking. He likes to get many girls to fall in love with him and then once he has you wrapped around his finger he will only use you for sex! That’s it. He will get you to move in with him then when he’s done with you, he will chase you out and tell you, you both are too different and he can’t be with you. He can’t man up to anything.. His charm and looks will get you but be careful Maryland he’s nothing but a scum and will only tear you down. Plus I’ve heard he gets off to rape and he likes to make girls cry because he thinks “its hot” and it empowers him. So please spread the word.

Natural is Better Sarah


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is naturally pretty. I don’t want to bash her. One thing I don’t like is her bad makeup. She doesn’t need all that or those bangs. Right Nik?

Anastasia Giallousis


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this old bitch’s name is Anastasia/Stacye Giallousis. She is a home wrecking slut. She is around 40 years old and thinks she’s a trap queen. Riding around with another girls man hittin sales. She fcks other girls men knowing they have a family at home. Dropping the man off around the corner from his home so his family won’t see her fat ass. She’s fat and sloppy and fcks guys in public parks and in her truck. Somebody tell this bitch she’s too old to be such a ho.

Jews Stealing From The Neediest Jews


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I used to work for a Jewish organization in Maryland. I want to bring to the attention of the public that Ahavas Yisrael Charity Fund Incorporated – which is supposed to be an excellent charity to help our most neediest brethren in the greater Baltimore Jewish community is being exploited. Mr. Eli Schlossberg and Mrs. Ronnie Schlossberg who are Operational and Financial Administration Directors of Ahavas Yisrael Charity Fund Incorporated are dipping their hands into the cookie jar, shamelessly stealing from the poor! What a terrible way to perpetuate the worst stereotype Jews, that we love money too much. I am a father of two children and I would hate to imagine my kids being without. However, I know that based on my professional experience that there are many people, veterans, disabled folks, seniors, single moms that there are plenty of Jews living in poverty right here in America. I think Mr. Schlossberg should be audited. I once drove by his house and I could not believe the lap of luxury this guy is living in. Eli Schlossberg is a greedy man and he continues to travel on the Jewish community’s dime, when in fact this money should be allocated towards feeding hungry people in Baltimore! If you don’t believe me, just check out their mansion and ask Eli about his weekly trips.

Hanukkah at that house must be on point.- nik

Abusive towards their own children


THE DIRTY ARMY: Saprina Jo Bridgett Reid (Moreland) and Ronald Joseph Reid Junior are very pathetic losers they both treat his 13 year old daughter and 8 year old son like total trash verbally and physically abusing them and teaching them nothing but hate due to someone’s color. They have told the children that if they get a chance they would run their biological Mother over with their truck to free the world of white trash who chooses to bring a half breed into this world and that if given the chance they hope the Mother has the 18 month old half breed in her arms when they run her over so they can save the world from another useless halfbreed who will amount to nothing except another N***** who will end up committing crimes and costing them their tax dollars and that N*****s have no purpose in life. A few text messages included in the pics showing that they are racist. Ronald Reid Jr is a sales associate at Fitzgerald Cadillac dealership in Annapolis MD and Saprina Moreland is a whore, drunk and drug addict as is Ronald Reid Jr. And his oldest Children mean absolutely nothing to him he allows his wife to call his Daughter a slut, whore and tell her and his son that their Mother is a dope gene and never did love them.

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