Psycho Break

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tommy Lowe, a cracker-ass mongoloid who looks like if Peter Dinklage had a psychotic twin. He cannot contain his anger before he was even born and loses it by typing essay-length statuses on Facebook if he loses a job, got into accidents, how he didn’t intend to surprise his exes with his S&M “skillset”, breaking up with girls or hell, just not having a dollar returned in high school. I don’t think I really need to type further on how violent or psycho Tommy is because the pictures fully spells out like one of Arnold’s greatest enemies on screen: P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R.

Going back to Kali

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and The Dirty Army, meet Alisha Nadeau, one of Coquitlam’s nastiest ladies. She has two kids and is “self employed\”. When her kids go to bed, she turns herself a night time,”mid to late 20’s” call girl as Kali, formerly Gemma, to earn her income from johns who are either her exes or horny brown guys/hicks. People had wrote about her on escort forums that she is heavy on teeth when giving BJs to them. How excruciating!

Old Wench

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 40 year old thing is a ratchet slut! She is away “working” in Kelowna right now… so she tells her bf Cal Cairns (whom she met on his drug line as a customer), really shes there to see some other guy shes fucking behind his back. She won’t let her bf even see any of his friends, shes a controlling bitch. She is only using him for his money and is fucking around on him anyways. Sasha here is a newsflash for you, all of your bfs friends HATE you. They cannot wait until you are out of his life for good! Your nothing but a druggy whore trying to use him for drugs and money, she also used to be an escort back in Cali. Sasha do us all a favour and go back to the piece of shit hole u crawled out of!

First burgar Making Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this the one and only Amanda Wilkie. I just thought i’d warn everyone of surrey and the surrounding areas (vancouver, burnaby, langly, delta ect) of how much of looser scum bag h*e this b*tch here is. she is the most rank creature to roam the streets of surrey. she sells her *ss to put food in her kids mouth (advice GET OFF WELFARE AND GET A JOB ) , either sleeping with men for money or drugs to get high to keep her mind off her disaster of a life she has. she dumps her child off with anyone and anything to get out there and sell that body of hers ( mind you , she has a body of a 7 year old boy) her kid is 6 years old and still sh*ts its pants. her boyfriend if we can remember which one she is dating this week, Shane, Cory back to Shane then back to Cory then back to Shane, have a baby with Shane…loses her baby cause she rolled on her while she was sleeping and high, then a few other guys to Justin boulier the new one she was trying to trap before he realized was a skid she is and left, SURREY WHAT?!?! She’s the most rank rotten surrey scum there ever is.

Help Find my Love

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik i met this super pretty girl at mall..and fell in love with her then i finally found her on intagram.. can please antbody help me finding who is she .. just knw her name ?

Odessa McFarlane

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Odessa Mcfarlane a pepsi head that loves getting drunk and high and letting randoms pound her. She looks like a tranny with a real bad boob job from Mexico.You can find this junky working at The Pint with her fellow pepsi head coworkers. Sad part about this bitch is she thinks shes hot as fuck when she looks like a man in real life. She acts like the world revolves around her, bitch open your eyes because no one gives a shit about you.She has 2 jobs and yet her life is still going nowhere. This pepsi head deserves to be out on blast. She is so gross. Have fun with this one Nik

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