Amanda Cullum

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik This cnt who’re situation needs to be put on blast.This sloppy girl is open 24/7 for service, breaking homes and being a sloot is her best quality. If anyone in the Burnaby area is interested in some disease ridden v*gina make sure you give her nasty ass a call. Amanda Cullum continues to cheat on her boyfriends and also with taken men, what sits going to take for you to realize being a home wrecker makes you worthless and sad youll never be the girl youll alwasy be the whore on the side.. DISGUSTING!!!! she has no morals what so ever! When is she gonna get a clue that she aint no wifey, she just a used up one night stand. have some self respect and stop being a who*e you trailer trash white hick.. If you want to see more pictures of her tryna be a boss bitch follow her instagram @mandaalin or add her on facebook bi*ch never declines. Hope you see this post bi*ch your nothing but a sad pathetic excuse for a women you should be ashamed of yourself… NIK what do you think of this “GIRL”

Wife beating Deadbeat

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was with this guy for 3 years,he is very VERY abusive in evrey way, emotionally,physically,sexually,mentally.I have NEVER Seen a temper so hot he litterally sees red. Punched me out several times blacked out a few times, busted ribs the whole 9 yards.ON top of all this he lied and cheated on me even when i got PRENANT He was having sex witrh drity skeezy sluts and he was SEVENTEEN. then cming into my house and fucking me,he would show up all times whenever he wanted. he’d eat all my food steal my whole welfare cheque outta my walletmake me think i was nutters and my roomates stole it then bounced. if there was no food, pot,dope ,smokes or $$$$$ this kid i wouldnt see for weeks. now me and my beautiful daughter have a prtection order aganist him he’s a CRAZYPHYSCOPATH i was in the hospital 1 month after i had my daughter and we were in a locked ward 4 protection, He used too snatch girls purses and robb asians in north burnaby,i have covered this kids ass so many times,been beaten by him,taken beating for him when ive backed him up when people who are looking for him find him… I am DONE With this dirtybag deadbeaten daddy,,just want too warn all girls out there ecspecially baby MOMMA’S And cute young girls..this guys young but hes smart. conning was his profession i watched him get thousands from people and never pay them back !! LADIES BEWARE! HOLD YOUR BAGS TIGHT AND KEEP’ YO FISTS UP if u see LUCAS BRUSCIANO.ohhe is sogood at acting and always lies about things,

Jaimee Ryan

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is TRASH, this girl belongs on hasting, her mom was there for how long? Isn’t it jaimees time? This girl is disgusting, if her looks aren’t bad enough she’s a thief and a coke head slut. This girl traded in her daughter so she could to go be with her dealer and living happy ever after! Well here they are, all high and now stealing from people. This welfare bum can’t even keep a job! This mutt got kicked out of her bfs mothers house, probably because she was trying to sell all her belongings! She has now recently now stollen from her friend, again, like she does with all her friends, apparently the cops are searching for her for stealing a tablet. This girl is a sorry excuse for not only a mother but a human being. But this nasty bitch on the blast!

Another Victim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is his new victim. This guy I met at metrotown mall in Burnaby. We spoke while he told me hes buying a gift for his sister, of course inside a store, where I work. Long story, short… seem very sweet so we exchanged numbers until we spoke later on that evening. the conversation went so random to the point where he sent me a picture of someone he was seen saying she has nude pictures and i dont know how to dump her. I logged on my facebook and wrote his name on google and came across this website. im sending you a picture of the chick hes seen, but yet he sent me nude pictures. This should be surreys hottest topic lol!

User Sarah Evans

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Sarah Evans aka Ssarah sevens! She’s a notorious party girl who sleeps with anyone and anything. most people wouldn’t recognize her with clothes on but with clothes off. She is a hooker Who claims she has a settlement from her Ex who punched her teeth out. Where do you work girl where do you get your money from???? Oh right selling your ass. She’s a backstaber and a manipulator she steals peoples boyfriends. And uses her friends! Watch out guys she’s got drd. I feel sorry for the next guy that’s going to fck her gaping vagina good luck Ssarah sevens. You wonder why no one hangs out with you anymore because you’re a fcking manipulator user backstabbing bitch this girl is all drama watch out!

Kevin Chand

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im surprised this gandu hasn’t been put on here already Nik this guy Kelvin Chand acts like he’s some thug threatening girls telling them he’s gonna ruin ther lives begging them to fuck him even tho his dick is smaller than my pinky this broke bitch couldn’t even buy viagra he had to go to 7/11 to buy a hard on pill to fuck his gf at the time and he still couldn’t get it up he acts all gangster threatening ppl even his own friends telling em he’s gonna rat them out and show up to their house and stomp them out but this bitch is all talk my buddy called him out once cause he was talking so much shit over the phone when he got to kelvins house he’s like yo man my moms’ gonna call the cops on u so u better leave fuckng pussy he used to steal his gf’s clothes money and car and tell ppl it was his own and when she left him he begged her to come back to him even tried cutting himself which was a fail looked like he was attempting to cut himself with a butter knife LOLOL fcking troll his family acts like they have so much $$ when they’re broke as a joke his mom can’t even give him $5 for food he has to beg his friends and his gf buy him something fat cow his mom begs people to leave him alone and not to hurt him she made up a rumour about her own son being sent away to Toronto and then called the cops on him to make sure he was really gone thats so sad perfect rich family they have there HAHAHAHAHA this family and especially Kelvin are a fcking joke put them on blast Nik

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