Ashley Evans Married Dove


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick right here is married , has 2 kids yet still try to go for another girls man ! Talks shit about inoccent baby’s and makes fun of them just because the mom’s are sick of her sleeping with their men ! Even if he isn’t trying to sleep with her she is obsessively hoe bag material and still sends dirty pictures of herself , she has the cl** soo beware if you try to stick it in raw with this disgusting thing !! Doesn’t even care she just sleeps with numerous men and spreads her legs and her drds ! This b’ needs to go back to wh’re island learn how to be a mom, a faithful wife and maybe get some treatment while she’s there for that nasty addiction she has with pepsi and DICK !! Lord help this girl and the huge nose on her face smh Ps. We all see those diapers in the picture girl , try grabbing one of them and changing your kids ass instead of taking nasty pictures of yourself dead beat slore!

I know she scribbled out more then her face, is that a dudes hand or a..?- nik

Hooked Downer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Taylor Jale aka Nina Banks aka Bambi Bliss. She is 21 has a daughter that lives in Edmonton with her Grandparents. She lives in Calgary and is hooked on down. She posts on backpage everyday that she is a student and a model lol yea right. Shes supporting her h***in habbit. Such a peice of sh*t, she tild her baby dad she didnt want to be a Mom until the kid could walk and talk. Thats her kids crib in the pic wow.

Better Me Ayla


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty girl “Ayla Hennesey” once again needs to be put on blast. She is a manipulating self serving c*** who uses men to better her pathetic life. She currently has a longterm boyfriend whom she cheats on regularly. She has no problem taking it up the brown star and loves getting double teamed, I feel sorry for her boyfriend who works hard to spoil this C*m dumpster.This girl is so shady she has no problem inviting groups of guys over while she runs her business only to get fucked while the kids are napping. This girl has a reputation for playing with mens hearts and only sticks around when there are financial incentives benefitting her. Beware Calgary do not let this little tramp get to close she will f*ck anything that moves her the least bit ahead in life.

The different shades gives the gut away.- nik

Broke Joke Anthony Dingman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy needs to be put on blast for the shit he’s doing and it isn’t cool. Met him on a dating site, we both agreed to date, had No problem we got along very well, but I should of saw the signs when he told me a whole brunch of crap and now I see it. So I’m posting him here because he deserves it. You don’t sit there and play someone especially their emotions it’s not very nice and it’s super immature, if you wasn’t interested should of told me from the day we met, then I wouldn’t have no issue now you’re hiding like a little b**ch . And to the mother of your daughter she’s going to find this out trust me, I have proof of everything little man, don’t f’ with me because you’re playing with fire and you will get burnt real fast… And ladies stay away this guy is so broke its f’ing hilarious,  can’t even afford to pay for his own gas in his vehicle !!! Pretty sad I must say….

Colombian F-boy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jhon Bermudez. The biggest Latino f-boy you will EVER encounter.He’s a broke, egotistical loser who claims to have his “own” company. He doesn’t even have his own place. Ladies, beware. He’s at Tropical, the Latin bar, almost every weekend. His broke ass steals money from everyone and then disappears, never to be seen again. He claims to be this huge drug dealer in Ontario and claims to have farms of marijuana, yet he’s so broke, he needs to rely on a girl to give him money. My nigga, how you claiming to make thousands of dollars a week… But you drive a Mazda? -.- Also ladies, if you’re not ready to be a baby mama, I suggest you stay away. This crazy nigga will try and put a baby in you the day he meets you. Stay away from this broke, little dick ass, crusty ass, lying ass, homeless ass nigga.

Looks like a doorman.- nik

Severley Psychotic


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jessica scott! this girl is the definition of stalker/harassment, her boyfriend Robert dated my best friend. she took care of his daughter for 9 month straight day in and out, she did everything for them, until one day he found opiates and fetynol and started injecting himself, he turned into a monster and ended up raping and abusing her, and not letting her leave and told her if she did he would k**l her and her family, I know, I not only heard the conversations but I also seen how he was with her when they were here, controlling and verbally abusive, Jessica reached out to her telling her to leave and get help and go to the police because he had done the same to her, so she finally got away and went straight to the cops, who then saw all the marks and bruises and charged him with rape and abuse, the same night she got away her best friend and I drove out to grande prairie to go get her and I have never seen someone so scared in all my life, she could barley talk, Jessica since then has done nothing but bully, harass, threaten and stalk her, bashing her all over social media, threatening to get her kids taken away and to get people after her, she messages her friends and family trying to get information about her and her pregnancy, she is now best friends with my best friends fiancés ex girlfriend who is in on it too, and is on the dirty as m l turner, shes also going around saying she is beating her son and a compulsive drug user!

Photoshop skills need work.- nik

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