Don’t Trust this Evil Married Douche


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik WARNING DANGER Public this guy is very evil and fake as shit, he goes by Nass Abbz on Facebook. He likes to get around using people for what they got, ones his done with you he will drop you, he bangs everyone even guys, what’s so messed up is he is married, and he goes out everyday with different kinds of girls and guys banging them and using them, and goes back to his wife and acts like what his doing ant wrong.Nass guy likes to target single mothers and use them for money and sexs. Don’t trust this guy, he also gave one of my friends a drd so warning people about this guy, nothing but filthy lies

He looks like the cleaning crew.- nik

Officially Wrecked my Home


THE DIRTY ARMY: Please nik this chick needs to be blasted, she’s a home wrecking drug head hoe who got my man into drugs and now he’s left his family for this escort! She new he had a wife and 2 kids and still went and slept with him and did drugs all night with him while his wife and kids sit at home struggling!! She’s a infested hood rat, she is the definition of a home wrecking slut bag! She gave him diseases and then started to physically beat him because he tried to come home to his family! She is in and out of Calgary from Montreal looking for men with money! She’s a gold digging skank! BEWARE all ladies and men!!

Another day, another bag.- nik

Drunken old lady Stacey Radmore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please blast this drunk slut, this 40 year old ladie is the most pathetic drunk old ladie I have ever seen! All she does is sit on welfare collect child tax so she can go out get drunk, when she doesn’t even have her kid, her kid sits at grandmas or his dad’s place. She is by far the grosses drunk I have ever seen, sleeps with anything that walks, also thinks she’s the baddest b*tch out there trying to pretend she some gangster! Please go get a face lift you wrinkled up old ladie and act your age and smarten up for your damn kid sake! Btw stop posting half ass naked photos when all you are is a fat saggy wrinkled up raisen, no one wants to see that Stacey Radmore! Be careful guys at the bar this chick will get drunk take you to home to bang and Rob you while you sleeping! Sneaky drunk hangs around the NE pubs chasing anything that she can get her hands on!

Cheater with a Wife and Kid


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, and everyone, I bring you Manpreet Sidhu. This perverted hairy bitch cheated on me with two other woman while he is married.He drives around Coral Springs just looking for girls to bang. He claims to be single and have his own house, yet none of that is true. He lives with his mom still and tells people that shes staying temporary. I seen this first hand and seen him at various times sneaking around like no one knows he lives there with his mom. Another funny thing is I don’t know how his wife doesn’t find out. He is very sneaky and must be stopped guys! So put him on BLAST if you see him. I don’t want anyone else being hurt by the actions he caused me and my friends to go through. He is a complete waste of time, and makes up stories about everything.

Down to the Wire


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amanda Higgins this chick is a str8 head she loves to do drugs and commit fraud and steal as you can see from the included pics she is sought by crime stoppers on multipule things and is always up to no good she recently had an overdose and killed a child she was carrying this chick is no good

What’s thuggish about being Canadian?- nik

Immature Baby Momma needs a wake up call


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl. Katlin Anderson. Where do I start with this nut job. She is completely psycho! She likes to claim her ex beat her. Not true. He’s one of the kindest souls I know. Maybe why he left your fat ass!!! ..She’s also on welfare but lives with some drughead TWICE her age. Which I believe is welfare fraud. I’d call, but she’s got kids to feed. Too bad she’d rather mooch off some guy then try and work. Oh but then she would use her kids as an excuse. use a day care! You live in the city! She’s 24 with 3 kids and another on the way. Keep your legs closed. Once I asked her about birth control. She said she doesn’t like it. So instead with every pregnacy she has 1000 complications. Resulting in premies and surgery for her after. Jesus lady isn’t your UNBORN child’s health important to you? ( I’m not saying go have an abortion, just take precautions. Condoms have worked for years, successfully!) Oh not to mention her pepsi addiction. Hopefully she stopped while pregnant!! So immature….

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