Little liar Ashley Rue


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is cake face Ashley Rue. Ashley is a liar and talks bad about all of her friends behind their backs. She pretends to be buddy buddy with people but talks a ton of sh*t behind their backs. Cake face here recently got into a fight with her boyfriend Kyle and so her friends allowed her to stay with them. She brought her dog with her who is extremely aggressive towards cats and has killed multiple cats due to Ashley’s negligence. Once again her dog mauled a cat. Her friends cat that she was staying with because she was just careless and didn’t close the door to the basement allowing her dog to get to the cat. What does this shady b**ch do? She runs away after promising to pay the vet bills and doesn’t even bother to say anything, she deleted her Facebook and won’t answer her phone. Rumour has it she ran to Kelowna to be with her friend dena and hide from bylaw who will seize her dog and likely euthanize him after all of the times he has attacked other animals. And so she doesn’t have to face up to the consequences and pay the vet bill! This chick is also a horrible mother and ditched her special needs daughter into the foster care system so that she and her boyfriend could party and do a bunch of drugs. This chick cheats on her boyfriend all the time and does a ton of coke. She thinks she’s cute but take off her 30lbs of makeup and she looks like a damn hairless cat. This dirty bitch needs to be on here I’m surprised she hasn’t been posted many times before!!

Chris Spooner Morrison Is A Player


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this guy right here is the biggest player in Calgary will f*ck any dirty sloot and try to be like oh I had feelings for you and then be a dick about it. I’m glad I never fucked him and I’m posting g for all the girls in Calgary watch ou t

Desperate POF Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this beast just has no limits when it comes to womens husband’s, first she slept with my now ex husband then I find out she’s been trying to sink her claws into my gf’s husband aswell. They’re just as much to blame for being unfaithful on that wretchet site plenty of fish. I come to find this isn’t the first time she’s went after married men. Hunny just cause you couldn’t keep your first one around, don’t hold that as a vendetta against the rest of the women out there. This “bbw” as she claims to be is a conniving ogre. Watch out ladies this bitch has to limits, well just look at her. Hun just incase you don’t remember which one I was it’s Michelle.

Beware Of Lauren Robertson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet this nasty DRD infested cunt from Calgary. She shoves everything up her nose or down her throat.  She thinks she is this bad ass but really she a stick blonde with no ass and saggy tits. Truly a disgrace to women everywhere. She has had more c*m dumped in her used up twat then Jenna Jameson. She will f*ck for you just to say she did. She has been humped and dumped by everyone in ranchmans and has been ridden more times then mechanical bull. Went all crazy when her boyfriend of like 5 years dumps her and in 4 months is engaged to this gorgeous woman. He got tired of having a saggy tit, no ass, disease infested snatch around and got him a gorgeous girl. Go back to your other disease friends Jordan and Jenny and the 3 of you go die in a cave and stop f*cking with the few good men in Calgary.

Wannabe homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for everybody’s best friend “Happy” dirty saggy whore who starved herself for 10 months in hopes my husband would leave me for her. In turn she looks like the starved immaculate dog that she is. Think again witch, once I found out, his fear of losing me and being stuck with you makes him physically ill and now he’s full of remorse and regret, a man so distraught at what alcohol and drugs can do to a person. funny what happens after you realize you’ve been eating rotten raw fish. You may think you can get my life by going after my husband but sorry  that life was created by me, he realized that after being with you. Pathetic little loser go back to your husband and daughters because maybe they might be the only love you ever get provided they want you back. Oh and your other friend who moves in with your other bestest best friend and starts fucking her husband while living under her roof via charity, how fuckin low can you go? Home wrecker wannabes unfortunately mutts, you are left alone because you were humped and dumped, not even wined and dined, just humped and dumped, at least hookers get paid.

Beware of std Amie


Nik please put this girl on blast. This is amie lauzier. This girl is one of the nastiest human beings on the planet. This girl doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed, and this girl will do anything for drugs. You got drugs? Your old? She doesn’t care she will f’ you anyways. This girl has f’ed almost every girls boyfriend in the shit whole town she lives in okotoks. She’s one of the most hated people there. This girl has incurable drds and she likes passing them around so stay away. She gave my brother her shit because she didn’t tell him, so before it happens to anyone else I want to warn you to stay far away. She constantly is in the city getting drunk being a slut at bars, house parties, anything she can find. She is also a crewl human being. If she hates someone and they have a sick or dying family member this piece of shit will message them laughing, or saying they deserve it. If she hates you she will find the most hurtful terrible discusting things to say and say them. People like this are what’s wrong with the world. If you dont want incurable stds stay away. Helpful tip amie, keep your legs closed, stop being a discusting human being, and never reproduce. For those of you who have had the misfortune of meeting this girl, I’m terribly sorry for you. Shouldn’t have done this to my brother you stupid b**ch.

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