Wannabe homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for everybody’s best friend “Happy” dirty saggy whore who starved herself for 10 months in hopes my husband would leave me for her. In turn she looks like the starved immaculate dog that she is. Think again witch, once I found out, his fear of losing me and being stuck with you makes him physically ill and now he’s full of remorse and regret, a man so distraught at what alcohol and drugs can do to a person. funny what happens after you realize you’ve been eating rotten raw fish. You may think you can get my life by going after my husband but sorry  that life was created by me, he realized that after being with you. Pathetic little loser go back to your husband and daughters because maybe they might be the only love you ever get provided they want you back. Oh and your other friend who moves in with your other bestest best friend and starts fucking her husband while living under her roof via charity, how fuckin low can you go? Home wrecker wannabes unfortunately mutts, you are left alone because you were humped and dumped, not even wined and dined, just humped and dumped, at least hookers get paid.

Beware of std Amie


Nik please put this girl on blast. This is amie lauzier. This girl is one of the nastiest human beings on the planet. This girl doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed, and this girl will do anything for drugs. You got drugs? Your old? She doesn’t care she will f’ you anyways. This girl has f’ed almost every girls boyfriend in the shit whole town she lives in okotoks. She’s one of the most hated people there. This girl has incurable drds and she likes passing them around so stay away. She gave my brother her shit because she didn’t tell him, so before it happens to anyone else I want to warn you to stay far away. She constantly is in the city getting drunk being a slut at bars, house parties, anything she can find. She is also a crewl human being. If she hates someone and they have a sick or dying family member this piece of shit will message them laughing, or saying they deserve it. If she hates you she will find the most hurtful terrible discusting things to say and say them. People like this are what’s wrong with the world. If you dont want incurable stds stay away. Helpful tip amie, keep your legs closed, stop being a discusting human being, and never reproduce. For those of you who have had the misfortune of meeting this girl, I’m terribly sorry for you. Shouldn’t have done this to my brother you stupid b**ch.

Deadbeat daddy Brandon Abbs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I introduce to you Brandon Abbs. He’s so into himself and thinks he’s a gangster, he’s nothing but a little hood rat. He rides around Calgary in his shitty car picking up girls and doing blow. He left his baby mama when his daughter was first born to pick me up and exchanged some of his shitty blow for some head. You can find him at all the shitty parties him and his boys throw pretending they’re rappers (they think they’re good too lol.) He cheats on his baby mama regularly, who I should mention has been on here a couple times herself for being a nasty whore as well. I’m so surprised he hasn’t been up here before, it’s time everybody gets to know the real Abbs.

M L Turner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is morgan birch aka m l turner, she comes from welland ontario, she moved here thinking she would win the love of the man she is psychoticaly obessed with, NOT! she is known as the town drd queen in welland that is, here in calgary its much worse, she lies and says shes elergic to latex and is on birth control when shes not and uses that to trap the men that will sleep with her to get her pregnant and have no choice but to stick with her forever, shes a complete slut and has a severe addiction to smoking oxys, she is money hungry and will do just about anything to get it, including scamming the goverment, how does that make you tax payers feel, watching this dumb ass collect from ontario and alberta at the same time, shes is a complete psycho and stalks and harrases everyone, she says she will kick your ass and ruin your familys life, even childrens life, but in all reality shes so upset with her own life because the man she once had saw right through her and her lies and left her and is now happily engaged to a wonderful woman and they are expecting a beautiful baby boy, this girl needs to be put on blast due to the fact that she will never stop and i believe that all the male calgary population needs to be warned that she is nothing but a troubled baby making, money scaming machine not to mention the stds that girl must have, i know this girl all to well and she deserves nothing more than to be exposed for the troubled young woman she is.

Pill Selling chug


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty chug needs to be put on a blast,she lies to her man daily and blows there rent mony on vlts at the bar,it got so bad she 2 kids and a newborn were homeless and had to go live with her sis and mommy who hang at the Cav on regent every check day,hey hoe learn how to treat your man like a man and keep a roof over your kids heads useless chug keep your legs closed if you cant keep a home and selling pills wont last long you are being watched.

What’s a guy doing in there?- nik

Merle Haynes Is A Player


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, put this guy on blast! This is Merle Hayne who I met off Tinder. Ladies beware this man he will meet up with you pretend he’s looking for a long-term relationship, smooth talk you into to sex by telling you what you want to hear then when he’s got what he wants hours later he’s back on Tinder looking for his next victim. This guy passed an DRD on to me and what’s worse is the sex was terrible, he’s gotta small Greg, barely any teeth, hairy as a monkey and can barely keep it up because he drinks like a fish. What a nightmare. Ladies stay away from this one. He’s a liar, cheat and has DRD.

WAIT — so there are really chicks on Tinder?- nik

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