Shawna Head beast of Ogden


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the beast of Ogden…this psychopath is a real piece of work, this chick sells drugs out of the house that her daughter lives in, has people coming and going at all hours of the day and night. She has recently moved a me*h head into her basement to “help her pay the bills” lol because she refuses to get a job like a decent mother would. This cra*kpipe even cancelled her daughter’s birthday party…who does this??!! She exposes her child to people that are breeching their conditions by being around children….like wow f’ mother of the year here!!! She spends her day consuming diet pills , but there is no pill she can take that can fix ugly, and she is one ugly bitch. As a result of this, she often passes out in stores while her daughter looks on in horror. She is nasty as they come, she f’ed someone at a house party a few months ago and the couch she banged this guy on had to be thrown out; the smell of her stank pu**y permeated throughout the house like the diseases of a thousand whores..

Sleezy mother Ashleigh Simpson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here Ashleigh Simpson ranks as one of calgarys worst moms. She only had this baby in hopes the baby daddy would stick around…. Surprise surprise… He doesn’t want anything to do with you!!! She constantly makes plans to go clubbing or to raves expecting her parents will take care of the baby…. Not to mention she was getting black out wasted 7 months into the pregnancy! Take care of your kid Ash! No surprise child services was called on you! You are always dumping your kid on your parents and calling your BABY a “brat child”. I hope for your sake she doesn’t turn out like you… Or the dead beat father who has always been in and out of jail. Best parents ever! Get your act together girl!

Angelo “Dluca” Only Cares About Himself


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Angelo “Dluca” or Buscaino here.  Almost 40 and likes giving people DRD (without telling his girlfriends and boyfriends) while he’s taking there money and taking off Provence to Provence. Started in BC and now dancing in Calgary!

Do those jean shorts really have a tail?- nik

Michelle Hammer is a crazy mother


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,Michelle Hammer is the perfect explanation of a dirty whore she has 4 kids she lost when she started smoking cr** c**ne and Crystal m**h she loves to get beat up by her man,and she is not to smart she’s attracted to ugly dirty dudes who feed her drugs she also prostitutes to feed her drug addiction.she manipulates everyone beware she will take all your money and leave u stranded She makes up stories about everyone so never believe anything she says Her prostitue name is Tiffany Adams out of Calgary ab and up north Fort mc Murray she will do anything for drugs and she recently stole a vehicle from enterprise in Calgary ab and took it too Ontario she is bad news and very very dirty from what I heard she has drd but who knows stay away

House Surfing Hussy


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, so this girl right here is a homwrecking slut, she sleeps with taken men all over, I let her stay with me and she was sleeping with my roommate élan Jonny and two other guys all under the same roof, she even banged three guys and the girl Ruth, I kicked her out she left crusty panties in my house and dirty disgusting poop stained ones as well, then found that she left and stayed with a friend with kids and she was kicked out of there for smoking drugs with the kids in the house and trying to sleep with her husband and 15 year old son!! She sleeps with guys for money and other things, God as my witness I have never seen anyone do the sexually explicit things she does, and she wonders why the gov took her kids, she doesn’t clean or change them, her house has 5 cats and laundry to the ceiling, all I can say is ladies watch your men closely and don’t trust her she’s a thiefe and a home wrecker.

Low life addict Michelle Hammer

Beautiful Michelle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Michelle Hammer the city wide hoe she tricks to support her drug habit which is crystal m**h and c**k she is so dirty that she never washes after sex eww every one knows about hammer hammer time she calls herself.she likes to go with anyone who will offer her drugs and she likes to get beat up by her man.she abandoned her kids for the drug life and the losers who support her she is in and out of jail back with the loser she wants to be with cause he beats her and feeds her drugs and she likes that.she uses guys for money better yet any one so watch out everyone beware stay away from Michelle Hammer Michelle Irene Hammer

Sad sight when someone can’t tweeze in a straight line.- nik

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