Sports Parks D-Bag

July 26, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 19 9,505 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, You have had some douche bags come out of Tucson but this guy is probably the biggest douche bag there. His name is Edward Noriega, he claims to have been a top star recruit for college wrestling but really was a walk on. He then moved to Tucson with his friends who are some of the biggest tools you will ever meet. His claim to fame is his incredible softball prowess or so he thinks. He has no life but that and will turn down a night out with a girl for a night at Sports Park. But when he actually does take a girl out, it is probably the worst experience ever. I sadly regret ever giving this guy a night out. All he talked about was about his pending softball career and how he gets VIP ask to all the clubs in Tucson. Further more if a girl is dumb enough, which I pity them, they will experience the worst sex of their life as they try not to gag from the dirty stench in his filthy room. Also Nick, if you can believe this, his dick smells worse then his room. I know I might sound like I am heart broken girl but really I just want to warn any other girls that might encounter him roaming 4th avenue.

His pits look like a ladies trap.  What’s he wear a C-cup?- nik

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Gay for Pay, or Just Gay

July 25, 2013 Arizona / UofA, ASU, Scottsdale 42 12,690 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Guy on the right is named Jake Cutler. Was in a relationship with Paige Rinequist just a few months ago but do not appear to be dating currently. This guy has been hanging out with known Scottsdale gay whore Eric Wanders and apparently this straight guy will go gay with for a couple hundred bucks for your viewing pleasure. Ironically Eric Wanders thinks he is some classy bitch, especially after breaking up with long time boyfriend and known whore with ass drd James Jacobson. Makes one wonder where James got his ass sores from if Eric is prostituting himself out. The real question though is Jake Cutler just gay for pay or is he just plain fcking gay? I bet on gay Nick what do you think?

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Tucson Trashy Ratchet

July 24, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson, Would You? 27 8,785 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tucson Arizonas Trashy Ratchet Nicole Renee Notbohm. A slut born from birth . With oversized silver dollar nipples and her fat ass muffin top still no man can deny the walking  virus. its so sad because when you see her all u can do is stare at someone so ugly. Her face is sinking in from her drug addiction and the scabs explain the picking. Nicole was checked In the hospital for having the sexual transmitted disease ch***ia , she still refuses to take her medication because she is in denial. Her boyfriend Michael rivera has pulled used condoms out from her heinous pssy that wernt from him and still he contunies to fck the Tucson ratchet. Nicole goes oout everynight and comes homes with hickies on her and will go out the next night and get more hickies in the same spot as the first set of hickies just from a different man. Idk why anybody would fck or date this nasty ass bitch she cant even shower nor brush her teeth and still find to get dick up in her hallway. Tucson if you see this bitch walk the other way before you catch something or maybe yu can beat her ass because all she can do is talk and call the cops. Fck Nicole Notbohm maybe you shouldn’t be a whore with all your dating profiles and stealing from your family. I hope you rot in hell you ugly ass bitch . Gettting karma to come your bitch ass

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Tucson’s Dumbest

July 23, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson, Westside-AZ 9 9,794 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: There is this guy name Stacey Gonzales friends call him Gonzo. He married a girl who is also on this site name Sharna Madrid. They had a baby girl in January and I think someone should break it to him that it’s not HIS! That baby looks Asian! Stacey is mexican and Sharna is white. Can someone explain to me how Mexican and white make Asian? Everyone knows how many time Sharna has been around the block.

I thought the kid looked just like him, but hey, that’s just one mans opinion…- nik

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Ralyn Babiash

July 22, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Dirty Horses, Tucson 30 11,638 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ralyn Babiash the biggest wanna be cowgirl/country girl you’ll ever meet. She may have many men in this town fooled but any woman can see right through her fictitious personality. Ralyn is one of those girls that’s sweet and genuine to you when its convenient for her. When you’re no longer useful in her life, watch out, here comes psycho bitch! I don’t think faithful is even in her vocabulary. Not only will she lie straight to your face but you better believe she’ll go after your man as well. This post isn’t about jealousy, its about the truth. Ralyn goes through friends/boyfriends as fast as you can snap your fingers and blames everyone around her for the drama in her life. She acts like a complete bitch to everyone, but says she’s just being real. But hey, if you’re a guy looking for someone to chat with message Ralyn Babiash on Facebook. I’m sure she won’t turn you down.

That must be some guys shirt, she’s no athlete.- nik

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Tucson Trashiest

July 16, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson, Westside-AZ 255 11,356 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Zianna Marie Hughson. This girl is the most willing and trashiest person I’ve ever met. She released a sex tape while in high school and her excuse was “I was drunk”. Watch out you can find this duck faced sloot twerking at you local Tucson party. This 2 faced bitch needs to be put on blast. What do you think Tucson? Tell this bitch what’s up Nik

Double stuffed….bra that is.- nik

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Beware of Elliot Silva

July 16, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Dirty Predator, Tucson 54 10,765 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is elliot silva. He is one of the biggest pieces of shit walking this earth. He is a fcking rapist. He has raped several women in tucson, this is becoming known and people are spreading this message. Beware of this scumbag. Theres nothing else to be said. He is flat out, a very bad person who WILL hurt you. Let this be a warning to Tucson, stay away from this bastard. He needs to be held accountable for his beyond disgusting actions. He has a kid, who knows how safe children are around him. Keep your fcking eye on this disgrace.

You should keep your distance from anybody who blurs their photos…- nik

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Sweet Andrew

July 15, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Dirty Craigslist, Tucson, Westside-AZ 3 6,426 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Andrew Sweet he has been in the closet for too long and needs to come out. Andrew like’s to go on Craigslist and look for “Good looking tranny” his ex has cought him many time’s on craigslist being a creep. He has no job hangs around drug addicts and to make thing’s worse lives in a appartment that is trashy and has dog feces everywhere. Has cheated on in an ex girlfriend and got the other girl pregnant. His babies mom has gone around before saying how she has stuck a dildo up andrew since he really wanted too. He tried getting his ex and his ex.s guy friend to have a threesome. He has three children who he does not take care of or see. He always says he wants to be a good parent but doing drugs sleeping around with people on craigslist and risking getting a disease is not good parenting. So watch out people this dirty MoFo is nasty and if you sleep with him better use a double condom and always cover your a**.

Awkward…- nik

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